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Gyms have more to offer than just weights

Gyms have more to offer than just weights

Experts have said that all we need to train is ourselves – without the use of heavy weights and bar bells, but here are the top reasons why visiting the gym is still the best idea.

1 Support from professionals: Training on your own can be hard work, and worse still you might not know if you’re doing the best exercises to suit your goals. In a gym you can get advice from those around you who can suggest the best workouts and the best equipment (as often it’s easier to use tailored machines.) You might be interested in a personal trainer or you might be looking for a tailor-made training plan – all of which can be catered for in a gym environment.

2 A choice of different classes: One thing that most gyms do really well is offer a wide variety of choice when it comes to new and interesting classes. And they don’t just target younger users, there really is something for everyone. Circuits, dance classes, yoga, Pilates, and Zumba are just a few of the choices available to gym-goers – and you can chop and change your choice as you see fit. You’ll never be bored in a class again!

3 Motivation: Motivation comes from getting out of your own environment and pushing yourself. By getting out to the gym and away from the television and lure of the fridge, you’ll get into the zone and work yourself harder. Surrounded by other people in a fitness environment you’ll find it hard to shirk your exercise needs. You can put your headphones in, get on with it and train hard.

4 Swimming facilities: Most gyms will also offer swimming facilities, which is great if you’re into aquatics. There is usually a lanes session, but the centre may also offer fun time for kids, lessons and aquafit classes. You might also get the additional bonus of a sauna or steam room, which makes the gym suddenly become more of a health centre, offering a chance to relax away from the pressures of your daily grind.

5 Pattern forming: When you decide to take on a new fitness regime it can be really tricky to stick to. We often make up excuses as to why we can’t get out for a run, blame the weather for not going out for a walk, or blame the fact that nobody else is going. The great thing about the gym is that you know there will always be others there, you can choose to go once a fortnight, once a week or more and you will probably find that you stick to that routine.

6 Flexibility: Whether you’re up with the lark, or more of a night owl, you can visit the gym pretty much at any time. Many people fit it in to their lunch breaks, and this also helps to break up the monotony of the working day. You might prefer to get a session in before work, or even after you’ve finished.

7 Continuation: If you have a routine in the gym that you’re beginning to stick to and then you have to travel for work, or even go away on holiday, then the likelihood is that a gym will be in the vicinity wherever you go. There are 1000’s of gyms on the Hussle website so you can continue what you started without having to break up your regime.

8 Meet new friends: There’s often a lot of people in a gym, and very often they will speak to each other at some point. Here’s where you might be able to make new friends – with people who are equally interested in keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

9 Off shoot groups and clubs: Gyms often have their own running club, or affiliated cycling or swimming club, five-a-side football or squash club. So there really is something for everyone at the gym, and it really can be a very sociable place. Often there are groups encompassing something for all age-groups so absolutely nobody should feel left out. Also, the gym can cater for all abilities, with special equipment available for disabled users.

10 You’ll feel better: You know that feeling you get when you come home after doing something worthwhile? Well that’s the feeling you get when you’ve done a good workout at the gym. For many people going to the gym is a way of taking their mind off of other things and it really can make you feel better, from boosting your confidence to making you feel better about the way you look.

So although you don’t need to be using the weights to get fit, there are plenty of other things that you should perhaps be doing, and the gym can offer a whole host of activities to help you get fit.