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Guest Post: There are 24 hours in each day

Guest Post: There are 24 hours in each day

father-fitnessBy - Father Fitness

My own fitness journey began back in 2011 when my son was born. I was always an active person and loved most sports so it wasn’t until my late 20’s when my health and fitness took a back seat.

My diet was all over the place and I just didn’t make time in my schedule to do anything physical. It’s a familiar story and one that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. You need something in your life to get back on track. A holiday, an illness, a child – the reason doesn’t matter but what’s important is that you’re aware something needs to be done.

My own routine involves a home gym and at least three sessions a week. I wait until my kids are in bed and I’m usually lifting weights by 7pm. As my kids get older my routine will change but having a home gym gives me the flexibility to tweak my training. Perhaps my kids will join me in the gym in the future!

If you are currently using the quote “I don’t have time to train” let me remind you there are 24 hours in a day. The average Briton watches four hours of TV a day! I also read last week that the average Briton spends 15 hours a week on social media. There really are no excuses to not exercise or eat healthy. Even if you work 9-5 or more, you should still have time to train in the morning or of an evening.

Providing you are fueling your body correctly, exercise actually gives you more energy. So when you hear people say that they’re too tired to exercise, they are simply confused. I have several breaks from the gym throughout the year, this gives my body chance to recover. I always feel fatigued my first week back but then my energy levels are back through the roof. Exercise releases feel good hormones and builds confidence, why would someone not want those things in their life?

So if you watch too much TV, stop. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter too much, stop. If you don’t have much money, give Hussle a try or build your own home gym like me. Your health and fitness is the most important thing in the world. If you don’t look after yourself, you can’t look after anyone else.

Remember this: you have 24 hours in a day. Setting aside 30 minutes a few times a week is not as hard as you think.