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Get moving and be aware of the ALL the benefits

Get moving and be aware of the ALL the benefits

It is well known and well publicised that exercise has its benefits, but it's important to understand exactly how exercise can help us, both physically and mentally. However you do it, getting active shows to improve your mood and reduce stress. So whether it's taking the kids swimming at the weekend or having a walk after dinner, it all adds to having a positive mind which can help to motivate you further. In short- get energised and become a healthier you.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind?

Evidently so!

There is a lot of information out there with regards to the benefits that exercise can have on our overall wellbeing and with it coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness week it might be interesting to have a little look through the report 'Let's get Physical' which was carried out by the Mental Health Foundation. It could help us all to think about exercise differently and hopefully more positively!

The general aim of the report seems to be around promoting mental wellbeing whilst focusing primarily on how physical activity and having a positive frame of mind seem to go hand in hand. It goes without saying that life can throw a lot at us, so it's important to understand that although it's good to stay positive; of course there will be times when we cannot.

However, what the report suggests is that the more we engage in physical activity (knowing your limits, of course) the more positive the effect on our mental wellbeing will be. Additionally getting active has shown to have a positive effect on some illnesses too- for example depression and dementia.

The report goes on to show how physical activity can also play a significant role in our moods. It seems that even doing shorter activities say, going for a walk for 15 minutes can be literally a step in the right direction, possibly towards having a better outlook on your own goals too.

As well as this the report highlights other benefits such as; increased self-esteem, reduction of stress and positive self-image which are all important elements of your mental wellbeing.

All in all the report is a fantastic read for anyone wanting to know how they can change their life for the better one day at a time. What seems to be evident from research and information provided by the media is that more and more people do not seem to enjoy exercise, in any way shape or form. But exercise really doesn't need to be boring, time consuming or expensive as many people think. It can involve as little or as much activity as you want – it is about you making those healthy choices and understanding the benefits.

What do you do to keep Active?

Some national newspapers have seemed to pick up on the fact that a lot of us really do not want to engage in any exercise, or we simply do not enjoy what it is we do. One newspaper highlighted that some of us would prefer to do the housework instead (apparently)! But is this such a bad thing?

Whether you choose to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day by making your home shine-  perhaps involving; hoovering, mopping or making up the beds – they are all in fact regular ways of keeping active and burning calories!

So it could be that a lot of people would who prefer to do their housework rather than hit the gym may not realise the benefits that they perhaps are already doing. Anything that gets us up and moving is definitely better than sitting down all day.

So, as we know, there are many different ways that we can get ourselves physically active, some of us like the motivation the gym gives us while others prefer a jog in the fresh air. Whereas many it would seem, prefer to do the housework!

Whatever activity you choose, make that positive change today to benefit your mind and your body, for a brighter, healthier future.