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Dump the Desk Chair. 4 chair alternatives to keep you fit even at work

Dump the Desk Chair. 4 chair alternatives to keep you fit even at work

By Bethan Townsend

Spend all day sitting at a desk? What if you could spend the day getting fitter instead?

The government has laid down some pretty clear guidelines when it comes to exercise but research suggests plenty of us find it difficult to reach even the minimum required. Dr Mike Loosemore of the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health at UCL has even said that government guidelines are actually discouraging people from being active.

If you’re one of the many people who do struggle with your exercise expectations then consider making small changes to your sedentary lifestyle and you’ll soon see the benefits.  Dr Loosemore has also said that simply standing for three hours a day five days a week is as good for you as running ten marathons a year so why not consider ditching the ergonomic office chair and consider some of these exercise-friendly alternatives?

Here we’ve found four different workplace options which should not only help your posture but, when teamed with regular wanders around the office and using the stairs not the life, will make a considerable difference to how sedentary your lifestyle is.

1. The Saddle Seat

Just as it sounds, a saddle seat is a little like the seat of a bicycle and is a backless styled stool which stops you slumping and slouching. It lowers your thighs, opens up your hips and helps put your spine into a healthy position, avoiding curvature and back pain.

2. Stand up Stool

If you truly want to take Dr Loosemore’s advice to heart then consider a stand up stool. This option, known as the muvman, is height-adjustable and allows you to perch at whatever level you need. It is designed to keep you moving and active, with a range of different adjustments to suit your work environment.

3. Standing Desk

Standing desks are often simply your regular office desk with flexible height adjustment. It’s a good way of maintaining the office layout as well as ensuring you’re spending more time on your feet. We know sitting down all day is bad for you so a standing desk is an automatic way to end this practice. Keep a muvman stool nearby and you can perch as and when you need to.

4. Balance Ball Chairs

It’s all getting a bit high tech but a balance ball chair once again does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an ergonomic office chair which combines the classic Swiss Ball design with some features of an office chair, allowing you to strengthen your core, improve your spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression as you work. Many of these chairs have a removable balance ball which means you can indulge in a spot of training during your break or lunch.

Trying out just one of these office chair alternatives could be your first step to a fitter lifestyle.