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Benefits of going to a retreat

Benefits of going to a retreat

Never been on a retreat? You’ve probably got some preconceived ideas.  Or haven’t a clue what to expect. Take 5 minutes now to discover what you’re missing. 

People go on retreat for loads of different reasons. Stressed, overwhelmed, in need of detoxing or emotional healing.

Retreats come in all shapes and sizes. Yoga, massage, silent, fitness, nature or foodie… weekend retreats, day retreats. Hell, you can even Hussle in 10-minute mini retreats for yourself every day!

The key is getting some quiet time for yourself. Slowing down. Restoring body and soul.

Here are 5 incredible benefits to expect:


How often do you get the chance to you concentrate solely on yourself and your thoughts to just relax, meditate or exercise? Yeah, pretty much never.

Away from your usual routines and mindset, you have the mental space to think in creative, refreshing ways.

The word ‘retreat’ comes from the Latin meaning “to draw back”. A retreat is somewhere you can withdraw from the hectic pace of modern life. Sounds good to us.


Find it hard to communicate without emojis? This is your chance to get away from technology and turn off that phone. It’s a time to recharge yourself rather than your laptop. And a stronger connection to yourself can help reconnect you to the people and world around you.

Many retreats are naturally technology free – you can’t access Wi-Fi on top of a mountain – but many people choose to leave their phones at home regardless.


We all know meditation is good for us, but it can be tricky to find time to practice and improve. Retreats often include guided meditations led by someone who can help you calm your mind, answer your questions and teach you to let go of whatever you need to.


Retreats teach and instruct people how to overcome their inner conflicts. Connecting with other people on the same wavelength is an invaluable experience. You’ll chat with others about similar challenges, share your own and hopefully be inspired and uplifted. You may even make friendships that last a lifetime.


A retreat is a fantastic way to kickstart a healthy eating plan. You get expert advice on what your body needs alongside delicious, nutritious food.

Retreats dedicated to fitness such as macrobiotic adventures or holistic bootcamp include new and exhilarating fitness experiences – from long hikes, strength training and yoga to quad biking, skiing and tummy toning. 

Even spiritual retreats include some exercise like yoga. It’s great for body and soul, so why wouldn’t they!

Photo by Gleren Meneghin on Unsplash

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Kath Webb

Kath is a contributing writer for Hussle. Football, running, weight training, yoga and walking are her forte, along with cooking tasty, nutritious food - with a regular batch of cake chucked in.