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Are You Making These Common Fitness Mistakes?

Are You Making These Common Fitness Mistakes?

Almost all fitness enthusiasts have their weak points. Here are 5 common fitness mistakes.

Are you guilty of any of them? 

1. False fit foods

There are many brands on the market who sell themselves as ‘fitness foods’ or promote a healthy lifestyle but when you get down to it, they’re anything but.

Recent research has found that many “fitness” foods actually cause consumers to eat more and exercise less.

You are better off sticking to natural fit foods such as fruit, vegetables and nuts as part of your balanced diet. If you are a fitness food fanatic, make sure you work out enough to make eating them worthwhile.

2. Low on water

You can exercise every day and have a healthy diet, but omitting water will mean it’s less healthy than it could be. Choosing carbonated or juice drinks means you are not giving your body the hydration it needs and in many instances you’re also adding extra calories and sugars your body really doesn’t need.

If you aren't used to drinking plain water, try swapping in one glass a day and slowly increase this until water is your main drink.

3. Food before fitness

Some people love exercising first thing but you should always breakfast first.

A healthy breakfast kick starts your metabolism and then it’s time to enjoy that early morning sprint or gym session.

Even a small breakfast like fruit and a yoghurt or peanut butter on toast is better than nothing. It will set off your metabolism for the day and mean you’re more energised for that first workout and the rest of your day.

4. Overdoing supplements

Supplements are designed to help you build muscle mass and support your fitness regime but they should be taken with caution.

The impact of too many supplements has been explored in a recent study which has shown some shocking results - supplement overuse can lead to problems within the internal organs including the liver and kidneys and it isn’t a naturally healthy way to get fit and strong.

Focus on tailoring your exercise regime to hit your goals and eating healthily to support them.

5. No digital downtime

Flicking through your phone and gaming on your tablet before bed can seriously affect your sleep. A bad night’s sleep leads to at a day of exhaustion and sub-par workout sessions.

Research at an American hospital has found that using light emitting devices before bed can adversely affect your health, your body’s circadian rhythms and therefore your sleeping pattern.

You need good quality sleep for a healthy lifestyle so put those devices down at least an hour before bed.

Correcting these little habits and making small changes could help you see significant improvements in both your general health and your performance at the gym.


the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.