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Are exercise classes what you have been missing?

Are exercise classes what you have been missing?

I’m not going to lie; I never understood exercise classes. I liked my training programme, I liked that it was specific to me and I never strayed from it. Recently though, due to injury, I have had to think outside the box to keep myself from going mad with the constant rehab.

This is where exercise classes came into play.

Firstly let me tell you, exercises classes are no joke. They are not the walk in the park I expected. Yoga for example had me in positions I didn’t know my body could get into. Aerobics was hardcore, I was flailing all over the place and trying to remember to breathe!

Anything that involved moving weights around like, body pump, left me with DOMS for days. I like to think of myself as a relatively fit individual, but the regular class goers were incredibly fit and strong, showing off the benefits of taking part in the classes.

Classes are great because even though you are working in a group, every individual can participate at their own level without drawing attention to themselves.

For example at my first spin class I had no idea what was going on but with a bit of general instruction and observing others I settled right in at my own pace. It’s a bunch of like-minded people focusing on his or her own workout, there is no judging at all, it’s just how the world should be.

Exercise classes are great for giving your training some variety. From stretching, to muscle building there is something for everyone. The instructors are great as well, full of energy with their soul aim being to motivate you through the workout.

After every single class I found myself infected with positive vibes and already thinking about when I could go again, and what I should try next.

It’s easy to get a friend to come along with you. So not only can you fit your training in, you also get to catch up with your friends. It’s the best of both worlds.

There are a few issues for me with exercise classes. One is that you normally have to book a long time in advance for the popular ones.That’s fine if you know what you are going to be doing next Tuesday at 2pm but it’s not that simple for everyone. That being said, booking your classes in advance may be the motivation you need to exercise.

Once you have been to a few classes you could incorporate the new exercises you have learnt into your own sessions.

All in all exercise classes are a great way to change up your training programme and try something new. You might hate one, but find something else you love.

Get out there and try a few in the next few months, you don’t know what you’re missing!

the author

Izzy Jeffs

Izzy is a British champion javelin thrower and has competed in two Commonwealth Games finals. She has competed for Great Britain on several occasions. Izzy is a personal trainer and spends a lot of time training in the gym, building muscle. When she is not training at the track or in the gym, she is eating. You’ve got to eat big to get big! .