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Active British Breaks Holiday and Get Fit

Active British Breaks Holiday and Get Fit

Holiday season is upon us and it can be the time where we get a little lax with our fitness. Don’t become one of the masses who simply forget their fitness regime and end up several pounds happier than they want to be.  There are plenty of UK holiday breaks which combine culture, sunshine and activity. You can still keep fit and perhaps try out a brand new sport and find a new passion. Below we’ve taken a closer look at five different British holidays where you can exercise and stay fit, ensuring your active lifestyle isn’t scuppered by your jollies.

Brighton: Running and Volleyball

Put down your rock and get out your running shoes – Brighton is the ideal minibreak. Combine the relaxing beaches with the hustle and bustle of the quirky city centre and you won’t be disappointed. Kooky cafes, world famous shops and pubs and bars to enjoy. You can also enjoy the iconic pier and carousel and of course the fabulous nightlife. What’s more it’s a great destination for getting your exercise in. Simply use the areas high points as your gym. The beach is simply ideal for a brisk morning run and the footpaths along the prom provide a flat, safe surface for a long and luxurious sprint towards the Marina. Brighton is also proudly home to the country’s only outdoor beach volleyball centre so why not give that a go too. You can hire courts for an hour and get stuck in, burning up to 545 calories an hour.

Devon: Hiking and Sightseeing

Devon is known for its picturesque landscape and the combination of Riviera beaches and rugged moors is just fantastic for relaxing into and the ideal choice for a hiking holiday. It’s more common for hikers to take to the Scottish mountains but Devon is equally fascinating for a fabulous walking holiday. A trek across the moors gives you a chance to exercise and also enjoy the beautiful sights and scenery.

Hiking is a great exercise for general fitness and you can burn up to 400 calories an hour as you carry out a multi-muscle workout. You’ll feel fully exhilarated after a long hike and then you can relax into your holiday accommodation and get ready for the next one.

Cornwall: Seaside Surfing

Cornwall is famous for its waves amongst other things. It has some of the best surfing conditions available in the UK and in fact surfers from around the world can be seen riding the waves on the Cornwall beaches. You can find instructors who’re there to show you the ropes and by the end of your exhilarating active holiday you may have a new passion and be back for more the next year and probably the year after that. Newcomers to the sport should consider learning in Sennen beach as it’s particularly wide.

Scotland: Sailing

Scotland is renowned for its landscape which seems purpose-designed for an active lifestyle. From fens to valleys and rivers to lakes, there are simply hundreds of opportunities to enjoy outdoors exercise but today we’re looking at Scotland as a fantastic location for sailing.

Clear waters and quiet quaysides are ideal for first time sailors in coastal Scotland. There are plenty of sailing schools and charter operators on hand to give you the support you need and if you are brand new to the sport then choosing a company who provide a skippered boat will give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Surprisingly you can burn up to 200 calories an hour when sailing as you’re working and strengthening your core.

Nottingham: Forest Fun and Fitness

This mini break option is probably the best for families and combines culture with rural life and plenty of exercise. Nottingham is the perfect choice as your base for a family city break with plenty of the trappings you’d expect from a large city. Enjoy a range of fabulous urban delights but then focus on your fitness and take yourself off on a journey to Sherwood Forest.

There are companies who actually offer Health and Fitness breaks in the Forest but you can also design your own by simply taking a trek through the trees, enjoy a woodland jogging session or challenge yourself to a fitness challenge. It doesn’t have to be the complete focus of your holiday but it is a great way of ensuring you keep up the practice of your healthy and active lifestyle and don’t let it slip simply because you’re having a holiday.

These British breaks are all designed so you can enjoy the beauty of the British landscape, relax and unwind but of course not forget your commitment to living a healthier more active lifestyle. Incorporating a new kind of exercise into your holiday could spark a new passion or simply be something you remember with fondness.