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A Basketball-Centric Workout

A Basketball-Centric Workout

As an athlete training for a specific sport you should always target muscles activated while playing the sport in question. While a full-body workout is encouraged, you’ll use your gym pass more wisely if you enter the gym with a plan that targets muscles that are used during game time. This gym workout will deal with the best exercises concerning basketball players.

Vertical Leap

Being able to go vertical is one of the most important abilities in basketball. You’ll notice that the NBA’s smaller athletes are still able to compete with the taller ones due to their uncanny jumping ability. The key to being able to jump higher is, like so many things, practice (a little innate talent doesn’t go amiss either).

Here you’ll find a set of jumping exercises that can be performed no matter the setting. But to be fair the aforementioned link is a series of varied jumps. Nothing about it is complex or highly strenuous. You can also boost your vertical jumping by incorporating ankle weights while playing basketball or while performing jumping exercises.


Agility Training

It should go without saying that being able to blow by your opponent is a crucial basketball skill. Whether you’re the outlet on a fast-break or need to recover defensively, your speed will be called into question. Despite what coaches think, speed can be taught, to a degree. Sure it’s nice to have more fast than low twitch muscle fibres, but measures can be taken that ensure that your potential for speed is realised.

Linear bounds are just one way that you can increase speed. The exercise is carried out by starting on one leg while leaning forward and jumping forward so that you land on the opposite foot. Be sure to focus on jumping forward instead of vertically. Do three sets of five linear bounds with a 90 second rest in between sets.

Another exercise is called the lean-fall run. To begin, lean forward until you need to catch yourself with a foot lunge. When you catch yourself by putting a foot forward, use your momentum to explode into a 6 metre sprint. This exercise is meant to create a powerful first step that you can use to create space between you and the opposing defenders.

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