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3 things you definitely should NOT do when exercising

3 things you definitely should NOT do when exercising

Workout trends come and go as rapidly as diets do. Like diets, some workout ideas make sense; some do more harm than good.

Are you on any of these wrong tracks?


There is a trend for using small weights during cardio exercise, such as spinning. Unfortunately this may not be a good idea.

Small weights are great for toning things up, but if you want to build bigger muscles they won’t cut it. The reason is that muscle is only built by being damaged, and then allowed to repair. Weights that don’t make your muscles work won’t make them bigger.

More immediately, even small weights can be a danger in sweaty hands. They can either slip or simply put you out of balance. Both of those mean an injury risk.


Crunch, crunch, curl, curl – the accepted ways to bust that belly are time honoured. The problem is that they really aren’t effective!

There are two main factors to a washboard stomach. First, get rid of the fat covering it. That means reducing body fat percentage overall. Second, hit it with compound exercises that include targeting your body core muscles.


We all love a gadget, and gym gadgets are no exception.  Arm sensors linked to the latest mobile phone can seem to be almost part of the uniform at some gyms.

Remember the warning from your maths teacher about not placing blind trust in the calculator? The same applies to the readings from your fitness gadget and apps. Pay most attention to how you feel both during and after the workout, rather than the numbers. You know when you are working hard, regardless of what the gadget says.

It is also worth noting that gadget distraction can cause accidents. Treadmill falls or weight slips can be serious, so ‘one thing at a time’ is a wise mantra.

Don’t let these warnings put you off too much. The number one ‘don’t’ about fitness is not doing it. Whether it is run, swim or gym, make sure you keep up the efforts.



the author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.