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Hussle community - Active Life

Active Lifestyle articles

Hussle community - Active Life

A healthy and active lifestyle is something we should all be working towards. From getting enough steps, to useful information about what to wear to the gym, you’ll find all of the information you need to start living a happier, healthier, fitter life.

Latest Active Life Posts

08 May 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Pregnancy. Time for bed rest? Nope. It’s all about staying as fit and mobile as possible, for as long as possible. It will pay off when the big day arrives.

Why we rebranded
04 May 2019

Jamie Ward

On the 1st of May PayAsUGym changed name. Rebranding and renaming a business is a serious decision to make. Here are my thoughts on this long important process

Why rest days are important
03 May 2019

Kath Webb

When you Hussle your life is full of action and momentum. But as great as it feels to Hussle, don’t underestimate the importance of recovery days.

The beauty of exercising
16 April 2019

Kath Webb

While exercise makes our bodies look great, there’s also a less obvious benefit: a beauty boost. How active you are directly affects your complexion and hair.

Eco friendly trainers
12 April 2019

Kath Webb

Most don't consider the environmental impact of their trainers. But with Earth Day on April 22nd its time to investigate environmentally friendly footwear.

01 April 2019

Kath Webb

Some of us make more effective use of our calories than others. Are there ways to boost our metabolic rate and become a more efficient calorie burning machine?

Want a long life? This is how much exercise you need to do
15 March 2019

Kath Webb

When it comes to living a long healthy life, fitness is key. Exactly how much exercise we need to do to make a definite difference? | |

Habits that slow your metabolism down
11 March 2019

Kath Webb

Don’t let a slow metabolism hamper your efforts to stay slim. Beat the daily habits that drain your metabolic rate and watch your calorie burn soar | Hussle

This is what just 11 minutes of exercise a day can do for you
01 March 2019

Kath Webb

If you simply can’t find the time or dread your workout, take comfort from the latest research which shows that small amounts of exercise can reap huge benefits

The best trainers for any workout
26 February 2019

Patrick Law

Having a good pair of trainers is the secret to achieving the best results in the gym, whether that be running, cross-fit, weight lifting or HIIT. Investing in high quality trainers is a must if you haven’t done so already.

Got a cold? Perhaps you should skip your workout
22 February 2019

Kath Webb

Winter colds and viruses can wreak havoc on your fitness plans and goals. Do you push through the symptoms, or slow down - or skip - your exercise session?

15 February 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Most of us take flexibility for granted until it lets us down. Flexibility really matters both for performance and to avoid injury. How can we gain flexibility?

Get those hearts pumping! 4 Exercises to do with your partner on Valentine's Day
14 February 2019

Sophie Gamble

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the romantics out there are pulling out all the stops to show their appreciation for their loved ones. Before heading out for a romantic evening for two, why not get the hearts racing this Valentine’s with some partner exercises.

11 February 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Are you a night owl or a lark? Your body clock can affect when you take your exercise. Does the time of day you workout make any difference to its effectiveness

22 January 2019

Patrick Law

Pre-ski holiday training is an essential for stamina, and to reduce the chance of injury. Start your preparation as early as you can, focusing on these 3 areas.

14 January 2019

Jessica Ambrose

Most of us take flexibility for granted until it lets us down. Flexibility really matters, both for performance and to avoid injury. How can we stay flexible?

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