Gym or swim? For many of us that is the question…

But it doesn’t have to be; at Hussle part of our motto is ‘One Network, thousands of gyms’ and that network is full of great quality gyms with crystal clear pools.

So why not do both? You can enjoy a varied workout all year round with an even greater range of benefits for body and mind. All you need to do is pack your swimwear and a towel!

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Why combine gym and swim?

If you’re stuck in a rut and your fitness sessions are starting to feel a bit monotonous, then that crystal clear swimming pool can be the perfect solution.

So, whether weight training or cardio is your thing, aquatic exercise doesn’t have to be an alternative. In fact, swimming can be an ideal addition to your fitness sessions.

Our Hussle network is packed with great gyms with pools, we can help you find the best and we’ll even share with you how to incorporate swimming into your workouts!

How do I find gyms with pools near me?

First and foremost, finding the right gym with a pool is the logical starting point, there’s going to be a few to choose from. 

How do you find the right one for you? Fortunately Hussle’s ‘One Network, thousands of gyms’ ethos has you covered.

Our day and Monthly+ passes make using them all really easy, but our website is also a priceless resource in finding gyms with pools nearby too, all reviewed by our amazing community!

Just tap in your town, or postcode and hit the ‘Find Gyms’ button. From the results page you can sort them into any order. You can also filter them to display ‘gyms with pools near me’.


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How do I Incorporate Swimming into my Workout?

If you’ve found the perfect gym with pool, then it’s time to decide exactly what you want your gym and swim to achieve.

You might want to combine your pool time with a cardio session for example, or weight training. You might want to use the pool as a warm-up, or a relaxing wind-down.

Let’s take a closer look at those different factors and how to change your approach for optimal results.

Swimming and Weight Training

Many people may not realise, that swimming has the potential to be very useful for building muscle. Swimming is resistance training after all. You are constantly pushing and pulling against the water’s resistance to propel your body through the water. In doing so, you’re utilising a wide range of muscle groups to do that.

That makes water an amazing environment to build muscle.

Swimming before a lifting session is good; it prepares your body by elevating your heart rate, raising your core temperature for the metabolic demands that your weight training session will place on your body.

Combined, that means great calorie burns and improved strength.

Swimming after weight training is, if anything even more popular, albeit for very different reasons. Some experts believe the key reason for fatigue post-training is down to body temperature. Treading water for 5-10 minutes before trying a few gentle lengths should allow muscles to relax and core temperatures to come down gradually.

After leg day, swimming is also a low impact activity that relaxes the entire lower body, leading to better recovery and less risk of injuries.

Swimming and Cardio

Let’s be honest, swimming alone is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. In-fact, many people actually prefer swimming to running. While both are great aerobic exercises, water has one thing that air doesn’t; resistance.

It takes more effort to kick through water than pound the pavements (or treadmills) and it is a very low impact way to increase the heart rate and promote better cardio health.

For many people, cardio can mean a set routine; it might be cycling, running, rowing or elliptical training. They are all effective but combining them with swimming really empowers you to get a full body workout.

Should I Swim Before or After Workout?

Great question, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ reply…

However, there will be a right answer for you, based on factors like your own fitness goals, how much time you have and how proficient you would like to be as a swimmer to name just a few.

Starting your workout with a swim:

  • Can improve your overall swimming performance with fresh, non-fatigued muscles
  • Can elevate your heart rate and raise your metabolism to prepare for your body for its workout
  • As well as a perfect warm-up, swimming builds strength and tones muscle
  • Swimming can help to maintain a healthy weight, lungs and heart

Thinking about finishing your workout with a swim?

  • Swimming gives you the perfect chance to cool your body and tired muscles in a refreshing and enjoyable way post-workout
  • Gym, then swim aids recovery but don’t place too much focus on performance over recovery
  • Many lifters feel that water is a natural form of post-workout massage
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Swimming on your Rest & Recovery Days

So we can see that gym and swim (or swim, then gym) both have plenty to offer for those doing both cardio and weight-bases sessions in their local gym.

But what about swimming on rest and recovery days?

While many people choose to really kick-back and relax on rest days, those in the know head to the pool.

A study by The International Journal of Sports Medicine demonstrates the fact; athletes who swam, even moderately on rest days were able to work out longer than those who hit the couch instead.

It is a great way to keep moving, keep stiffness at bay, stretch muscles and promote active recovery as long as you keep things simple and non-strenuous.

How long should I do both swimming and gym for each workout?

Remember, one of the key goals post-workout is to cool down. Think about simply treading water for the first 5-10 minutes to give your muscles time to relax.

You’ll feel refreshed and perhaps even ready to try a few lengths of your favourite stroke at a leisurely pace before tackling your cardio session as normal.

If you prefer to dive in pre-workout, then the goal is to warm-up and prepare your body and mind for the weight or cardio session to come.

You can afford to burn some calories and raise that heart rate, with fresh muscles and mind, pre-workout swimming is ideal to work on strokes, breathing and technique too. Remember though, it is still primarily a warm up 15-20 minutes of steady swimming is fine.

Inspired To Dive In?

Whether you are looking for the perfect staycation health club, a local gym with pool for after work or simply looking to spend some quality time in a quality swimming pool, Hussle has got you covered.

Why not try one with the Hussle Monthly+ pass? You can work out and swim as much as you like, all with zero contracts!