Is gym membership as a corporate benefit key to improved workplace culture?

A healthy, positive workplace culture is essential not just for your current employees, but for graduates and job seekers who may have their eye on you. Workplace culture tells people what it’s like to work in your offices, engage with other employees, and represent your organisation.

Positive workplace culture boosts morale, reduces absenteeism, improves productivity, and helps you retain your best talent. And one of the strongest ways to build your workplace culture is through the benefits you offer.

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Company gym membership as a corporate benefit

Research shows that fitness provision consistently tops the list of desirable corporate benefits across geographical regions and demographics. But it’s no longer enough to simply offer access to an on-site gym or single local facility.

Just as you wouldn’t stop at offering healthy food options in the workplace eatery (you might also overhaul vending machines, partner with local F&B outlets or incentivise healthy lunches), make sure your corporate fitness offer fits the bill.

Flexible working means flexible fitness – so make sure you’re offering benefits your people really want to use.

Elevating workplace culture through discounted gym memberships

A healthier workforce

When employees have access to gym memberships that suit their schedule, they’re more likely to engage in regular physical activity. And with studies showing that only 61% of people in England aged 16+ are reaching recommended guidelines for exercise, this is a big deal.

Regular exercise has numerous benefits for physical and mental health on a daily basis and in the long-term, which matters when your workforce spans generations.

Improved work/life balance

Offering gym membership as a benefit shows that you’re committed to your people’s wellbeing outside of work, too. Employees will appreciate a fitness benefit that allows them to engage with exercise when, where, and how they want.

Better team bonding

Allowing employees to exercise together may lead to better conversations, healthy challenges, and new friendship groups – all of which is positive for overall workplace culture.

Community and connection

Discounted gym membership as a benefit has obvious impacts on employees’ physical wellbeing, but it is likely to have a measurable effect on camaraderie. Training together – or simply knowing that others in the workplace are currently engaged in a fitness journey – is a great way to bond and connect over something healthy.

Investment in employee growth

Offering corporate gym memberships sends a clear message that you’re invested in the personal growth and development of your employees. This in turn will make your people feel valued, motivated, and cared about on an individual level. Get your fitness-as-a-benefit right and it could elevate the image of your workplace to employees and prospects.

Latest research corporate fitness benefits for UK employees

Our 2023 study of 3,500+ gym goers uncovered some new and significant information about how employees want to engage with corporate gym benefits. 63.1% said that discounted gym access tops their list of desirable corporate benefits – but many said their employees aren’t offering the right thing.

Older employers in particular want the option to access fitness facilities near home as well as near the workplace, and younger employees also have a strong preference for multi-venue access (rather than a single gym or an onsite gym).

Discounted gym access as a corporate benefit is popular across the country, with those in London, the South East and North West of England most vocal in their requests for multi-location gym access.

The best gyms with corporate discounts for hybrid workers

Employers cannot afford to ignore demand for flexible, multi-venue gym access as a corporate benefit that will elevate workplace cloture.

Hussle makes it really easy to offer your employees one benefit that they can use at 2,000+ gym locations across the country. Hussle membership gives access to a variety of facility types to suit the individual, from large and small gyms to pools and fitness centres. And Hussle has a wide range of price points so you can offer a benefit that really is a benefit regardless of the employee’s budget!

Flexible employee gym benefits for better workplace culture

Offering gym membership is a must for every employer. Make sure your choice of corporate gym discount is one that really boosts your workplace culture.

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Elevate employee wellness with corporate gym membership