Research tells us there are three great points in the calendar to launch a corporate fitness benefit and optimise employee engagement.

But the clear winner out of all three is January. Let’s look at why the New Year is the perfect time to promote a new fitness employee benefit, and how to get the message out so your discounted gym access boosts employee health and wellbeing.

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Corporate fitness essential to a well-rounded benefits programme

Corporate fitness has always been a popular employee benefit, but post-Covid it has become essential to a modern benefits programme that truly meets the needs of office workers, hybrid workers, shift workers and those who WFH.

More people are prioritising their health and wellbeing (both physical and mental) than ever before, and a comprehensive benefits program is incomplete without a focus on fitness provision. But the success of such a scheme hinges on employee engagement and participation.

It’s not enough to offer access to an onsite gym or one local fitness centre if your workforce won’t use it. Employers need to design varied, flexible fitness offers that meet their people’s needs.

Maximise employee engagement with a fitness benefit launch strategy

It makes sense to leverage seasonal marketing around health, wellness, and increased physical activity. January is the prime month to launch a fitness benefit, capitalising on the intrinsic drivers and external marketing messages that New Year always brings.

Timing matters: 3 best times of year to launch a corporate fitness benefit

Data around corporate fitness benefits tells us there are three key times of year to successfully launch a fitness benefit – January, April, and September.

January is the best time of year to launch (and we’ll explain how to leverage this in the next section). But April is also a strong contender, with employees returning to work after the Easter holidays with a renewed focus on their personal health, with the promise of warmer weather to come. Spring is a season associated with renewal, and as the days get longer, employees may naturally feel motivated to engage in fitness.

In the fitness market, September is considered the ‘second peak’ (after January), and the industry will be doing plenty of promotion and positive messaging. You can use this as a springboard to raise awareness amongst employees, particularly those who have taken time off over the Summer holidays. Employees may feel inspired by the idea of a fresh start, and the back-to-school vibes lend themselves well to promoting a new offer.

Why January is the best time of year to launch a fitness benefit scheme that sticks

January remains the best launch window for a successful fitness corporate benefit. Not only are people naturally thinking about taking on new hobbies and healthy habits, there will be lots of external messaging around health and fitness.

As an employer, you can capitalise on these factors. Launching a strong fitness benefit in harmony with New Years resolutions and sector marketing will make it easier to get staff attention.

January focus on health and fitness – fitness and healthy habits are always in the top three New Years resolutions. A corporate fitness benefit launch in January will tie in perfectly with this heightened awareness.

Fitness sector marketing – the physical activity industry is well aware of the January fitness rush, and you’ll find that fitness facilities will ramp up their marketing efforts. You can lean on this external messaging to make your own launch easier.

Start the year strong – January sets the tone for the rest of the year. By giving employees a great corporate fitness benefit at New Year, you empower them to start the year on a healthy note, fostering a culture of wellbeing.

How to plan a January employee benefit launch

A successful corporate fitness benefit needs good content and good timing. By launching discounted corporate gym access in January, you tap into the heightened awareness and enthusiasm for health and fitness that the New Year brings. And by working with Hussle as your partner for employee gym membership, you give your staff access to a network of 1000s of gyms, fitness centres and leisure facilities around the UK with one single membership.

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