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We all know now, if we didn’t before, the importance of being flexible. Our lifestyles need flexibility to make it easier when things don’t go to plan. We have to adapt.

This applies to fitness just as much as anything. It’s hard to fit fitness in. Life is pretty unpredictable. A roller coaster, if you will. And sometimes, a set-in-stone gym membership just isn’t that helpful for the ride.

Hussle has always been about flexibility. Fitting fitness in as and when you can through passes that let you use multiple gyms in multiple locations. Just one day, or one month at a time. All about that anti-contract life.

But sometimes, even getting to the gym is tricky. And whilst we know that home equipment is never going to replace the real deal, it helps to have some versatile pieces of kit around to fill the gaps at times when you can’t get to the gym.

Forget kettlebells and dumbbells. Not that you can get them online at the moment anyway. Here’s some home gym equipment that might be worth investing in.




Ankorr offers a really inventive and versatile piece of workout equipment that can give you a full body functional training session helping to build strength, improve speed, and develop endurance. Use it from home, the park, the gym, wherever you want.

The exercises you can do surround the use of the Unique Ankorr full body harness. The design allows the ‘anchor points’ to move through 180 degrees of sagittal planes & 360 degrees of transverse planes. Simplified, this means you can move in all directions while staying under constant load for an intense workout.

Ankorr is ideal for sports preparation as it can simulate ‘game specific situations’ by testing power, speed, and agility through the use of the harness. It’s also beneficial for sports injury rehabilitation as the load can be controlled by the user with their strength and range of mobility while training.

Checkout their website or Instagram channel to see how it works and its potential uses.



The Sandbag


So simple, yet so effective. The sandbag comes in a variety of weights but you can get them really heavy, meaning they can give you a good lower body strength session that lots of home weights won’t be able to.

They’re versatile too. It’s easy to centre a full body workout around the sandbag without too much imagination. The handles mean you can pull it and wear it. Adding additional load to traditional bodyweight movements.

Squats, weighted push ups, bent over rows, deadlifts, chest presses, military presses. You can do pretty much all of the key compound exercises with the sandbag.



Resistance Bands


Okay, we know, we know. You’ve heard it all before. And you’re probably sick of seeing resistance band exercises absolutely everywhere.

But there are a few serious benefits to the bands that you need to know about.

First off, then come in varying weights. Some can emulate up to 45kg of tension when used in the right way.

Secondly, they are so versatile and can enhance almost every body weight exercise to include some resistance and increase the difficulty. Plus, they’re light. So, the delivery man doesn’t need to haul them up your stairs and you can pack them easily in a bag if you’re going anywhere.

You can even use them to increase tension on dumbbell exercises if you’re lucky enough to have some:



Weighted Backpacks or Vests


It might not be the most stylish piece of attire you’ve ever put on, but using a weighted backpack or a weighted vest is a fuss free way of adding load to your workout.

You can slip it on and do all your usual calisthenic movements in the knowledge that you’re working your muscles much harder than they would usually.

Increase the difficulty of push-ups, planks, pull ups, and all the other vital compound exercises by adding to your body weight.

No need to figure out how they work or find equipment specific exercises. Just wear it and work out.



So, although we know you miss the gym. And there’s nothing that can rival it. Being flexible can. Flexible access. Flexible equipment. Flexible Lifestyle.