Pushing hard to build a career can take its toll on your fitness goals. More time in meetings and less time to get to the gym makes it difficult to be at peak fitness. But being physically fit could help you in achieving your career goals. Let’s look at the links between physical fitness and career progression, then focus on the best way to stay fit as you get further into your professional life.

Are people with good fitness more successful at work?

In general, fitter people tend to be more successful in the workplace. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, physical fitness is linked to better health and wellness. Fit people tend to take fewer days off, meaning they can dedicate more time to upskilling, networking, and putting in the hours at work.

When you stick to a regular exercise routine, you are more likely to be organised, focused, and good at timekeeping – all desirable skills in an employee. And if physical health is a core personal value, you probably prioritise excellence in your career, too.

Then there’s the undeniable long-term benefits of being fit and healthy. Someone who exercises regularly boosts their chances of being physically and mentally fit late into life. We know that regular exercise reduces the risks of heart disease, stroke, obesity, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and some cancers.

What are the links between physical fitness and career advancement?

Regular physical fitness boosts your brain power, helping to improve focus, creativity, problem solving, and productivity. Being physically fit can also increase your energy, so you can maintain performance throughout a demanding work day. Exercise itself is a great way to buffer stress and build mental resilience, which will stand you in good stead as you grow your career.

5 ways that a healthy lifestyle can improve your job prospects

1. Increased confidence and self-worth

Setting and achieving fitness goals is great for your self-esteem and confidence. This will filter into your professional life, from pitches and interviews, and client meetings to presentations.

2. You’ll be an ambassador for your organisation

Employers and senior managers are looking for people who are fit, healthy, and energised as well as being great at their jobs. Regular exercise will make you a more attractive prospect.

3. Increased mental resilience and energy

A regular exercise routine isn’t always easy. Maintaining it requires time management, focus, and perseverance. These qualities stack up in the face of career challenges.

4. Improved decision-making powers

Regular physical activity has been linked to better cognitive function, including clarity and decision-making. The ability to make sound decisions is a valuable asset to any organisation.

5. A better work/life balance

Prioritising fitness will help you wind down, manage stress, and sleep better even at the height of your career. Good physical health and fitness is the cornerstone of long-term career success.

Best ways to access the benefits of fitness in the workplace

How can you tap into the benefits of fitness in the workplace to boost your career success?

Discounted gym membership as a benefit

Choose employers who offer a flexible gym membership benefit that will allow you to train around your schedule. This means a multi-location gym pass that gives you the choice of gyms near home, near the office, and whilst you are travelling.

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Walking breaks and walking meetings

Health-conscious employers encourage regular activity as part of the working day. This might look like walking meetings, or taking regular walking breaks. Walking throughout the day reduces the risks of too much sitting down, and helps boost your daily step count.

Fitness challenges in the workplace

Your employer may encourage friendly fitness challenges between teams, offices, or individuals. Find one that suits your preferred sport or workout style to incentivise your progress.

Benefits of a corporate fitness program

There are so many benefits to be had from corporate fitness programs as you build your career. Seek out employers who offer flexible fitness benefits that work with your schedule. Look beyond on-site gyms or discounted access to one gym – these options don’t allow for travel, flexible working, or working across different locations.

Use physical fitness to boost your career prospects

Candidates who train regularly or do team sports are attractive prospects to employers and their HR managers. The links between physical fitness and long term health are well-known, and can be leveraged in your climb up the career ladder.

Your dedication to fitness is likely to make you a more resilient colleague, with sharper brain power, better ideas, and stronger decision making. Regular exercise will help you manage stress and reduce health risks.

As you progress through your career, look for employers who offer really great corporate fitness benefits so you can stick to your exercise routine wherever your job takes you.