Lots of companies now offer corporate fitness programs so their employees can access health and wellbeing, either during work hours or once the working day is over. Hopefully you’re already one of the lucky ones with an employer that has a great corporate fitness benefit scheme. If so, here’s how you can build more fitness into your day to improve productivity during your working hours and make your free time healthier.

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5 benefits of fitness in the workplace

1. You’ll have more free time at home

When your employer offers fitness in the workplace, you get more of your free time back. If you can get to the gym at lunchtime or on the way to work, you can enjoy the whole evening knowing that you’ve already had a workout!

2. The prevention of energy slumps

A great corporate fitness benefit – like discounted flexible gym membership – means you can get a workout in before work or even during your lunch break. This will help you stay sharp, focused, and energised throughout the work day.

3. A reduction in postural pain issues

Regular physical activity can strengthen all those muscles that get weakened from too much sitting, driving, or screen based work. Fitness in the workplace allows you to work on your posture, mobility, and flexibility to reduce common aches and pains.

4. Being motivated to make healthier food choices

Lots of people say that they make healthier food choices when they’ve done a workout, or if they’re doing some exercise later that day. This habit-stacking effect can have a positive impact on your health and weight management goals.

5. Improved focus and clear thinking

Any kind of exercise, from walking meetings to a lunch time run, will trigger your body to release endorphins, which can boost your creativity, problem solving, and mental focus at work.

The best ways to keep fit outside of work

Not everyone wants to work out during the day, even if their corporate fitness programme makes it easy. If you prefer to keep fit outside of work, make sure your employer offers a fitness benefit that you can use when you’re not at work.

The best corporate fitness programmes help you engage with fitness on your days off, when you’re working from home, or when you’re travelling. That’s why on-site office gyms are being replaced with flexible fitness benefits like multi-location passes.

Use the benefits of your corporate fitness program

Here’s what to look for in the best employee fitness benefits schemes, from discounted gym memberships to friendly fitness challenges at work. Be sure to make the most of your corporate fitness program – it’s there for you to use.

Discounted gym memberships as a corporate benefit

Gym memberships are one of the most popular corporate fitness benefits, but make sure you can actually use yours when and where you need it. The best gym benefits are completely flexible, allowing you to work out at different venues to suit your schedule. Use your flexible gym membership to try lots of different fitness facilities, different workout styles, and group classes until you find a fitness routine that you love.

Wellness programs at work

Forward-thinking employers offer wellness programs that will support your personal health goals. These might include nutrition education, healthy living workshops, stress management workshops, and mental wellbeing support. Make the most of these programs if they’re on offer in your workplace.

Walking meetings and active initiatives

Stress and sedentary habits are two of the biggest health risks at work. Active initiatives like walking meetings, lunchtime walking groups, or fitness buddy groups can tackle both issues. Getting outside for a walk boosts teamwork, creative thinking, collaboration, and mental focus, and helps you all get those steps in.

Fitness challenges as a corporate fitness benefit

Why not use your discounted gym membership to roll out friendly fitness challenges in the workplace? These could be within your team, your office, or your entire company. You could all train for a 5km running race, set a step count for the month, or aim for workout frequency targets.

What are the personal benefits of fitness in the workplace

Building fitness into your work day has obvious physical benefits, from getting stronger and fitter to managing your weight. But regular exercise has also been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and help your mind stay sharp.

Make the most of your corporate fitness benefits, discounted gym membership, and in-house wellness initiatives. Great corporate fitness benefits are more than just nice to have. They are powerful tools you can use to transform your work day, create better work, feel happier in the workplace, and improve your life at home.

Use all of the fitness benefits you’re offered at work to boost your physical and mental wellbeing during work hours.