2022 started with a bang, but how are those new year fitness goals doing now? As life starts to open back up in February, you’re going to need some extra motivation tips and tricks.

January seems set up to make life easy for your fitness goals. Dry January takes care of your alcohol intake, Veganuary gets more veg in your diet, and everyone’s too broke to go out partying. But February might not be such plain sailing, unless you put plans in place now to keep your fitness motivation fired up.

Routine, not just habits

Did you know that building a consistent routine is actually more effective than creating new habits? Allow us to explain. Both things are regular, repeated actions that will help you get to your goal. But whilst habits just happen (without much conscious effort on your part), routines need intentional focus.

 So forget all the advice about habits being absolutely key to a new fitness routine. What you should be focusing on are the decisions you make that become your daily routine. In time, these things will become habits…but they have to become routine first.

The power of partnership

Want to know the key difference between people who stick with their fitness habits and those who fall off the wagon? It’s accountability. This doesn’t have to be hard work. It could be as one good friend who’s an enthusiastic part of your journey.

Think of a friend who would like to work out with you. Then ask them if they will help hold you accountable to all your other sessions, too. This way, they don’t have to join you for 100% of your workouts. You could message them on a Sunday with your week’s training plans, then check in with them when you’ve done it. If they don’t hear from you, ask them to chase you up.


Enjoy the journey

It’s easy to get caught up in dreaming about your ultimate fitness goal. But research tells us we have a higher chance of success if we focus on every step along the way. This is called growth focus (instead of goal focus).

Experts say that by focusing on the process, not only are you less likely to give up but you will appreciate the learning points along the way. One paper, published in 2019, even says that viewing your goal as a journey means you’ll be more likely to continue the positive behaviours you built. 

Reward yourself sooner

It’s also important to recognise and reward your progress along the way. Our brains thrive off dopamine, the reward neurotransmitter that strengthens the brain’s learning centre. Even the world’s top elite athletes don’t wait until competition day to celebrate their successes. Take their lead and start rewarding yourself for mini goals or small changes as you work towards your big dream.

How should you do this? It really depends on what counts as a reward. For some people, positive self-talk is enough. Others might need an experience-style reward like a cinema trip or day out. If you love to reward yourself with new things, make it count by buying something that will support your fitness goals. Check out the fab new workout gear at the Hussle Store add some new styles to your workouts!

Keep things varied

Let’s be honest, January felt like a long month. And you’re not looking for a quick fix, are you? Keep your training routine fun and fresh by mixing up your workouts. In fact, introducing some new styles of training could even benefit your body in the long run by building a balanced physique.

Why not make it your goal to try out something new every week in February? Maybe a swim session, a group exercise class, or even a team sport (is there something you’ve always wanted to try?) Get outside on your bike, or head indoors for something different like badminton or climbing.

Creating a fitness lifestyle that works for you

There are no rules to creating a fitness lifestyle. The only thing you need to do is stay active – and enjoy yourself. Tick these 5 boxes and your motivation will have that new-year energy all through the year!

Make it fun

The best fitness routine is the one you’ll actually do – so make it enjoyable. Try lots of different sports, classes, and workout styles to find the things you love, then mix them up so your brain and body get treated to workouts that really inspire you.

Focus on the next step

Whether your 2022 fitness goal is losing weight, learning a new sport, or getting seriously strong, there’s no sense in thinking about that end point. It’s better to focus on each step in front of you. Step by step, you’ll get there soon enough.

Get friends involved

Good friends make everything better, and a great workout buddy can help you stay on track (even when the idea of a night in is much more appealing). Which of your friends would like to join you on your fitness journey?

Tell someone your plans

It’s a well-known fact that simply making your goal public increases your chance of success. You could tell your bestie or partner, do regular check ins on Insta, or even start a blog about it.

Give yourself a pat on the back

This fitness stuff is meant to be fun, so recognise and reward yourself for every little breakthrough, whether that’s getting out for a run on a cold day or sticking to your plan for a week.

Remember to check out the thousands of gyms, pools, spas and fitness centres in Hussle’s network – we’ve got just what you need to keep your fitness journey fresh and exciting.