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Keep your fitness in front. Gym equipment for chest, shoulders and biceps.

Keep your fitness in front. Gym equipment for chest, shoulders and biceps.

For a great first impression, you can’t get much better than a toned front profile. Whether your goal is toned shoulders, a defined chest or well-muscled biceps, our gyms have equipment to help.

Exercise variety is the best approach for building an awesome upper body. Machines with various presses have their part to play, but creative use of basic lifting equipment such as barbells, benches and dumbbells is unbeatable. The muscles you want to develop are the pectoralis major and minor, deltoids and biceps.

Cable pulley machine

If you think the cable machine looks intimidating, wait till you see the effects! Also known as the cable cross machine, with correct technique it’s simple to use.  By using different angles and directions you can tone all your body muscles. Overall - a real one stop muscle-shop!  Exercise choice is extensive, but for the best ‘boobs/moobs’ try some cable chest flys .

Dumbbell bench presses

Bench presses are among the most popular gym exercises for the shoulders, arms and chest. Using dumbbells, rather than barbells, develops better chest mass and stabiliser muscles.

 There is a huge variety of exercises, which are also determined by where you place your hands on the bar. For example, wider grips work pecs harder whilst hands closer together increases your triceps involvement. The bench can be set at 3 various angles - flat, incline and decline:

  • Flat bench press. This exercise, demonstrated here, gives a great workout to the pectorals.
  • Incline bench press. Ideal for beginners, incline press works the chest, back, shoulders and arms. 
  • Decline barbell bench press. This exercise helps target the lower part of your pectoral muscles.  Use lighter weights than for the incline as it’s definitely tougher (and arguably more effective).
  • Also try out dumbbell flyes for great pec stimulation!

Bar dips

Dips are a tough exercise for building mass in the upper body. Check them out here. They’re also really flexible. For example, you can up the reps of basic dips, try angled bars, then add weights. Or vary your hand placement to work different muscles. One thing’s for sure – adding dips to your workout is the quickest way to improve your bench numbers. 

Put your best chest forward this summer. The sooner the better. Why not now?!