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40 day exercise challenge!

40 day exercise challenge!

It might be pancakes as usual on Shrove Tuesday, but it’s time for a change of recipe for Lent. Are you ready to take on a 40 day exercise challenge?

Lent is traditionally a religious time to avoid indulgences of the mind, body and spirit. However, anyone with the desire to make positive changes to their lifestyle can take advantage of the 40 day structure of Lent.

But instead of giving something up, you can do something extra. Like exercise!

Our challenge to you is to do some form of exercise every day for 40 days. We don’t necessarily mean make daily visits to the gym, though you can if you like. Simply aim to do something physically active every day.

Why 40 days is perfect

Committing to a 40 day structure gives you several advantages:

  • It’s actually easier to exercise every day. You don’t have to think about which days you’re exercising on.
  • Having a time limit of 40 days is also psychologically reassuring. The finish line isn’t ever far away. 
  • If thousands of others are sticking to something then you won’t feel alone.

So are you ready for the 40 challenge?

Great! Here’s some training tips.

  • To avoid boredom, try some new gym classes out.
  • Focus on different body parts each day.
  • Try out a 30 day gym pass for unlimited gym visits.
  • Do home workouts if the weather’s lousy.
  • If time is short, do High Intensity Training or Tabata.
  • Create your own 40 day workout plan. Print it out and stick to it.
  • Share the benefits and get the whole family involved.

Enjoy your pancakes. Then get ready to exercise!