Wondering what to take to the gym so you have a great workout? Here’s our list of top 10 must-haves when you head to the gym.

What Should I Take to the Gym?

Going to the gym shouldn’t be a mission, but you’ll have a more efficient workout if you know what to wear and what to pack in your gym bag. Have you been wondering what should I take to the gym? Here’s a list of things to take to the gym to get you motivated, make your workout more enjoyable and help you recover faster.

A workout plan

The best way to make great progress at the time is to have a training plan that tells you what to do every session, and builds up over the weeks. Don’t waste time and energy by winging it (or spending the whole time walking on the treadmill).

Breathable gym clothes

You don’t need fancy gym kit to get a great workout, but the right clothing helps. Forget about brands and logos. Just make sure your gym kit is comfortable and breathable (which means fabric that won’t hold onto sweat).

The right footwear

A good pair of shoes can make a real difference to your gym experience. Trainers are a must, and you should try to wear the type of trainers that suit your workout. If you’re a runner, wear running shoes. If you do HIIT workouts, wear cushioned trainers.


Not everyone shares the same taste in gym music, so pack a set of headphones or ear buds so you can listen to your own tunes. Bluetooth, cordless ones are the best option so you can move around freely.

A playlist

Why not curate your own super motivating gym playlist to get you fired up for cardio, lifting or that calisthenics circuit? Nobody else will hear it, so feel free to add your loudest, cheesiest or most niche bands.

A towel

It’s common sense and good manners to take your own towel to the gym, even if the gym offers paper towels. Take a small one that you can use to wipe your face and clean equipment after you’ve sat on it.

Reusable water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your workout session, and those little cups of water at the fountain won’t cut it. Take a water bottle with you (at least 750ml) and refill it if necessary. Don’t let yourself get thirsty.

Intraworkout drink

Intra what now? Intrawrkout means “during your workout”, and it’s a good idea to drink something more than water especially on hot or humid days. Pop an electrolyte tablet in your water bottle, and consider adding creatine (the most well researched sports supplement for muscle and power).

Healthy post-workout snacks

If you’re heading to work straight from the gym, pop a healthy post-workout snack in your bag so you don’t get too hungry. The best post-workout food is high in protein, low in fat, and contains carbohydrates to kick start recovery. Think fruit and a protein shake, a protein bar, or a protein yoghurt.

Stuff to freshen up

Don’t forget to pack shower essentials and a change of clothes if you’re not heading straight home after the gym. There’s no better feeling than walking out of the gym feeling clean, fresh, and still buzzing from a great training session.

How to Prepare for An Efficient Workout Routine

Look at the day’s workout

Before you head to the gym, look at your workout plan to see what you’ll be doing. What equipment will you need, how long is the session likely to take? Do you need to hype yourself up?

Pack the right kit

If your workout routine includes lifting, make sure you’ve got any straps, wraps, lifting shoes or belt you might need in order to have an efficient workout.

Make sure you’ve got enough time

Be sure to give yourself enough time for your workout. There’s no sense in rushing things or cutting out important exercises if you are trying to complete an efficient workout routine. Build in time for warming up, stretching, and showering too.

Get Ready For An Efficient Workout Routine

Planning and preparation are key to living that gym fitness lifestyle! Get a decent gym bag and keep all your workout essentials in it so you don’t have to pack every time. Keep your workout routine somewhere you can see it, and make sure you have everything you need for the day’s workout.

Your gym will want you to have a great experience, so don’t be shy about asking what you need to take. With our list of the top 10 things to take to the gym, you’ll be smashing your workouts in no time.