People are at the heart of every business, and recruitment is crucial for successful growth. In today’s competitive job market, there is no shortage of great candidates – nor of appealing roles to entice them.

How can you make sure your organisation stands out to the right type of applicant? You need to use recruitment strategies that go beyond the basics, before, during, and after the interview stage. Here’s how to leverage innovative employee benefits to attract and retain the best talent.

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Best recruitment strategies to attract top job applicants

The job description itself is your first opportunity to make a positive impression on potential candidates. And it’s not just the job they’ll be looking at – they’ll also want to know about the organisation as a whole so they can see whether it’s a good fit.

Clearly define the role

Make sure your job description provides a detailed and accurate overview of the responsibilities and expectations for the position, including ad-hoc or occasional duties.

Describe the environment

People want to visualise where they’ll be working and what a typical day is like. Help them imagine themselves there. Is your company known for flexible work hours, hot desking, a collaborative workspace, a relaxed dress code? Give candidates a sense of your company culture so they can see how it matches up to their personality.

Team culture

Top talent don’t just want a job, they want a place that matches their vision and values. Write about where your company stands on important topics like inclusivity, diversity, engagement, and opportunities for growth.

Attractive corporate benefits

Applicants will naturally be looking at salary information for any job that catches their eye, but benefits are a big part of a role’s appeal. Write about corporate benefits so candidates know what they can expect. This is another great way to reflect your company’s values and show that you care about employee health and wellbeing.

Innovative employee benefits for a better recruitment process

Forward-thinking employee benefits can really set your company apart from those who just offer the basics. Think about the type of corporate benefits that will suit your workforce and the way they work. Hybrid, shift workers, and WFH staff members need flexible benefits with plenty of choice rather than a single option.

Corporate gym membership employee wellbeing

Health and wellness are always high on any applicant’s wish list of modern corporate benefits. Fitness and health have become more of a personal priority in recent years, and people of all ages want to work for organisations who support their wellbeing and that of their colleagues. Be sure to offer the kind of discounted gym access that suits the way your staff members work and travel. (Hint: single site access is no longer good enough!)

Emplpyee wellness support

Discounted gym access across multiple sites is just one way to support health and wellbeing in the workforce. You could also offer discounted wellness programmes, rewards and incentives, groups, workshops, and access to wellbeing support.

Reward active lifestyles

Physical activity plays a key role in personal wellness, and in key metrics like productivity and absenteeism. Think about how you can reward active lifestyles both during work hours and in people’s personal time. This could range from building up rewards through activity, or simply by making active choices easier and more enjoyable.

Growth and development

Invest in your employees’ growth by providing a different take on ongoing training, networking, peer group support, or mentorship programs. Talented candidates are much more likely to choose a company that supports ongoing learning and development.

Flexible working

Flexible hours and locations are very attractive to top talent. Can you offer remote work options, compressed hours, or coworking options to accommodate various lifestyles and work preferences? Make sure your fitness employee benefits reflect when and where people are working – discounted gym access for an on-site gym or single site in town won’t cut it when people are working from home.

Innovative and unique corporate benefits

Think about the people you want to attract and what kind of employee benefits will make their life more enjoyable. Ideas include pet-friendly office spaces, on-site childcare, flexible discounted gym access, family events, and schemes that recognise diverse cultural values.

Best discounted gym access for hybrid and flexible workers

Innovate corporate benefits need to show your commitment to employee wellbeing – and show that you understand how they want to access their benefits. In today’s competitive job market, a forward-thinking approach can make your company stand out in LinkedIn crowd.

Gone are the days of offering employees free or discounted access to a single site gym and calling it a day. Today’s workforces definitely want fitness as a benefit (it’s often top of the priority list). But they need corporate fitness benefits that match up to the way they work and travel.

Make sure you offer a corporate fitness benefit that is flexible and varied. A great way to do it is offering access to a network of gyms, fitness centres, pools, and leisure centres across the country. That way, your people can choose when, where, and even how they exercise.

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Elevate employee wellness with corporate gym membership