Our commitment to customers

Commitment to customers

Hi there,

Thanks for using Hussle. We hope that you love our site, and what we do. This note from us is really just to explain a bit about who we are, and what you can expect from us.

It is important to know that we are not a gym. Loads of people think we are, but we are not. We don’t own or operate any of the gyms listed on our site. We are a website that lets you find and use great gyms flexibly and affordably. We exist to make going to the gym easy and affordable….we also want to make it fun and reward you for helping us and getting other people involved.

The gyms listed on Hussle have asked to participate, and we have chosen to work with them based on our understanding of the service they will provide to you.

Your experience at the gym is ultimately the responsibility of the gym and their staff, but we’ll do everything we can to address any service issues you encounter at the gym (oh, and we exclude gyms that fail to meet our customer’s expectations!). We certainly hope you always find Hussle a great company to deal with.

We always try our best to:

  • Keep improving our service by adding new innovative features (hope you like the new facility search functionality!).
  • Reward you for using Hussle and telling others about it.
  • Make sure our prices are the best possible and cheaper than you’ll get directly from the gym (on average we’re 21% cheaper).
  • Ensure that the gyms we work with see your feedback and have the chance to respond.
  • Respond to any questions as fast as humanly possible, and be nice, polite and helpful while we do it.
  • Try to be fair to you in everything we do even at a cost (we decided not to charge customers bank card fees for buying a pass).

We promise we'll never:

  • Pass your personal information or contact details to the gyms you use (no-one likes being pestered!).
  • Judge or patronise you into getting active.
  • Be upset if you join the gym (some people get great value from their gym membership, and as long as you are happy, we are).

What we hope for in return:

  • That you leave feedback after your gym visit. It helps other customers, it helps the gym and it helps us.
  • If you enjoy using Hussle that you will tell your friends
  • That you want to come back and use us again and again...

We hope that you like what we are doing. We are all about feedback, so if you have a suggestion, want to see something different, or just want some advice on the best gym in your area, give us a shout and we’ll do our very best to help out.

Thanks for your support,

Jamie, Neil (founders) and the rest of the small but growing team

Hussle team

PS. And just to say thank you for reading this, please get £1 on us. Just put the code THANKS1 in the ‘Voucher code’ box when you purchase a pass.