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Creating opportunities for more people to engage in physical fitness & generating value for our fitness venue partners.

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How it works:

  • A powerful new marketing channel
  • New joiners for your club
  • Additional revenue
  • No exclusivity required
  • Free to list your gym

Popular FAQs

  • Who are Hussle?

    We’re a community of gyms and health clubs. A platform that brings lots of fitness facilities together and connects them with people who are looking for somewhere to work out. We offer opportunities to businesses wanting to reach new customers. From occasional visitors, to those who will go on to join you directly.

  • How can I list my gym with Hussle?

    You can list your gym by filling in our contact form.

    One of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible about getting your facility up and running on our platform.

  • How do Hussle customers access my gym?

    When a customer purchases a pass through Hussle, they recieve a unique passcode.

    When they visit your gym, you just need to ask them for this passcode and check them in using the Hussle partner platform.

    We’ll record all these visits and make sure you receive the right payments.

  • How can Hussle help build gym memberships?

    As well as sending you customers who wouldn’t usually visit you because they don’t need a traditional gym membership, we also help you to grow your direct membership base too.

    Our new pass builder tool helps us to understand our customers gym usage and point them towards the product that’s best suited to their needs.

    For example, if they require a pass that enables them to use just one venue 2-3 times a week, we know that a direct gym membership is the right option for them.

    At this point, we’ll show them your joining offer and even get them to fill out a membership application form online and hand them straight over to you.

  • How does the gym referral scheme work?

    Reward is only available for the referral of new gyms to Hussle. The referral reward is £250 and is paid through the usual invoicing process, after the gym is live and has had 10 redemptions by customers. This offer can be removed at any time.