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Please note

  • This gym is temporarily closed.
  • Meeting Point: Children's Play Area Car Park, near Princess Diana Fountain Car Park, Bushy Park, London KT8 9DD
  • This gym currently requires you to book ahead with details that will be sent to you.

About this gym

Set outside the beautiful Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park is famous for its Diana Fountain and rural landscape. BMF incorporates the latest military methodology combined with cutting-edge training programmes to deliver results-driven workouts. These aspects are deeply rooted in a community fitness, so they can provide a fun yet challenging workout. The workouts are tailored to all abilities and the BMF community here is thriving and welcomes newcomers, whatever your fitness level, with open arms. At BMF they are concerned about their carbon footprint, therefore they deliver the workouts in the most sustainable environment available. WHAT IS A TYPICAL CLASS LIKE? There is no ‘typical’ class. Each instructor is different, and each session is varied to stop both your mind and body from getting bored. It’s a whole-body workout designed to improve your stamina, speed, agility, and strength in a fun and interesting way. They guarantee that some of the exercises they do will be completely new to you. In each class, participants are divided into ability groups of around 15 people. Classes start with a warm-up followed by at least 50 minutes of individual, pairs, and team exercises, we end with a cool down and stretch. Instructors and members are a friendly bunch and are always keen to welcome a new face. We make sure that each individual works to their own level of fitness within the group. It’s a real skill, but our instructors have many years of experience. WHAT IS A CROSSRUN BY BMF LIKE? Crossrun by BMF is an hour-long session that focuses on your running skills. Sessions involve developing power, speed, and endurance. All abilities are catered for and instructors who teach the class have specialist knowledge on the subject. The class is run at a gentler pace with explanations on what each exercise achieves. Greens come away from some of the interval circuits breathing hard and but don’t worry blues are given a scaled-down choice too. The terrain is mixed using paths, grass, and features of the park. DO I NEED TO BE SUPER-FIT? No – but you do need to be committed to improving your level of fitness with a good workout. Don’t worry if you lack motivation – we’re here to help you get fit. We cater for all levels of fitness by dividing the class into ability groups, blue for beginner, red for intermediate, and green for advanced. We have equal numbers of men and women at our classes of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Members’ ages range from 16 to 70+. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? DO I NEED ANY SPECIALIST EQUIPMENT? A decent pair of outdoor running shoes is all you really need. Fashion trainers are not advisable as they offer little support or grip and you may run the risk of injury if you wear them to a class. Some exercises involve getting down on the ground so be prepared to get a little bit dirty – it’s part of the fun! Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the weather but we can guarantee that you’ll be sweating by the end of each session so make sure you have something warm to put on after the session has finished. Some people also like to wear a lightweight base layer, gloves, and a hat during winter months. If possible, please arrive in your kit as changing facilities in parks are limited – though we do try to position our meeting points close to public conveniences. Specialist equipment –any equipment required for the exercises will be supplied by the instructor. WHERE DO I PUT MY VALUABLES? Please try to avoid bringing valuables to the classes. WILL I BE SHOUTED AT? No, you will not be shouted at. However, our instructors will call out instructions and words of encouragement to keep the class motivated, so everyone gets the most out of their workout. They are a friendly bunch, and they love a bit of banter. But ultimately our instructors are there for you to achieve your health and fitness goals. MEETING POINT Children's Play Area Car Park, near Princess Diana Fountain Car Park, Bushy Park, London KT8 9DD BUS: A total of 6 buses serve at least one of the numerous stations surrounding the park; 111 Kingston, 216 Kingston, the 411 Kingston that goes along Hampton Court Road, 465 Sandy Lane, X26 Heathrow Express, R68 Hampton Court. TRAIN: From Waterloo to Teddington/Hampton Wick/Hampton Court - 5 to 10-minute walk, entering the park through the Sandy Lane Gate.

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  • What type of gym pass can I buy from BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP?

    At Hussle you can buy a day gym pass or a Monthly+ Pass for BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP. Day passes can be bought individually or in bundles of 5 or 10 passes. When you buy a Hussle Monthly+ Pass for BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP you also get access to any other gym on Hussle which costs the same price of less, so you can work out close to home, work or whilst travelling around the UK. Not only do you get unlimited access to hundreds of other gyms with the Hussle Monthly+ pass you can stop and start your gym membership whenever you want.

  • How much does it cost to use BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP?

    A gym day pass for BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP is £13.50 when you purchase from Hussle. You can also purchase bundles of 5 or 10 day passes which decreases the cost of each visit. If you’re looking to go to the gym more often, a Hussle Monthly+ Pass costs £69.99 per month, which gives you access to BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP as well as to other gyms which have a Monthly+ Pass. Find all pass options on Hussle here.

  • Where is BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP Located?

    BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP is located at BUSHY PARK, KT8 9DD. Find all pass options on Hussle here

  • Can I buy a Hussle Monthly+ Pass for BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP?

    Yes. You can currently purchase a Hussle Monthly+ Pass for BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP. If you need access to multiple gyms in different locations around the UK, the Monthly+ pass for BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP could be the perfect gym membership for your needs. Check out which gyms are close to home and work and find out if the Hussle Monthly+ pass can help you make life work out.

  • What facilities does BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP offer?

    BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP offers a great range of facilities including Group exercise, Outdoor training. More information, images and prices can be found on BMF BUSHY PARK BOOTCAMP's profile on Hussle.