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Ladies only gym
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  • Fitness studioFitness studio
  • Resistance machinesResistance machines
  • Ladies only areaLadies only area
  • Group exerciseGroup exercise
  • Functional TrainingFunctional Training


  • Changing RoomsChanging Rooms **
** Currently closed due to COVID-19


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Opening hours for Hussle customers

  • Monday
    07:30 to 12:30
    14:30 to 19:30
  • Tuesday
    07:30 to 12:30
    14:30 to 19:30
  • Wednesday
    07:30 to 12:30
    14:30 to 19:30
  • Thursday
    07:30 to 12:30
    14:30 to 19:30
  • Friday
    07:30 to 15:30
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Please note

  • This gym currently requires you to book ahead with details that will be sent to you.

About this gym

COVID19 Updates: This club incorporated a one-way entry system which means that members can arrive for their pre-booked sessions from half past the hour however, everyone must exit by 20 past the hour. Face coverings are worn on entry and can be removed once in the Circuit Training area. Please replace your face covering when exiting. Please come gym ready if possible. Private Changing rooms are available if absolutely necessary. Personal items are to be stored in the coin return lockers at the entrance. Please use the hand sanitiser to sanitise your coin or token before using it. Retrieve the antibac spray and cleaning cloth from your locker as this will be used by you to clean anything you touch both before and after. Items that may be brought into the circuit area include: Locker key Antibac spray and cloth Face covering-kept on your person (face, pocket or pinned to your shirt) or in a plastic bag when removed and placed in your personal space in the circuit area. Water bottle Phone and personal keys if not using the locker There is a water cooler to top up drinks bottles. Please bring you own as they will not be provided. A member of staff will sign you in. Listen to the cue as to where to start (Station A, B or C) and where to continue (Forward or Backward to A, B or C). Forward movement is always counter clockwise (to the right when facing the center). There will always be 2 stations (more than 2 meters) between you and other members. You must move when instructed, this will keep the pattern of 2 stations between you and other members. It is your responsibility to maintain a 2 meter distance from others when moving about the facility. Staff will assist in maintaining adherence. We're all in this together. With 15 windows, air purifiers, carbon dioxide monitoring and fans to keep the air as fresh as possible and humidity levels up it's a lovely space to do your circuit training session. Enjoy! About the club Westbury Trym and Tone has been providing a welcoming, supportive environment with an efficient and effective hydraulic resistance training circuit for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to focus on their strength, mobility, cardio health and well being since May 2008. Their 30-50 minute structured Circuit Training sessions utilise 9 specialised strength training machines that provide the benefits of 16 pieces of tradition gym equipment. An aerobic workout is achieved by maintaining your heart rate with in a particular range. Oximeters are available to use to check your heart rate and oxygen levels during your session to ensure you're in the zone. The primary reason the Westbury Trym and Tone workout is different from their competition is due to their equipment. This specially designed equipment adjusts automatically to your fitness level. Because the resistance is controlled by how fast you push and pull the handles you get the perfect workout every time. They also have a vibration plate, stretching machine and shiatsu massage chair available for use at no extra charge. To help achieve your personal goals a 1 to 1 Contact-less Monthly Assessment is available and includes: Weight and BMI Center of Gravity Assessment Balance test

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FAQs Westbury Trym & Tone

  • What type of gym pass can I buy from Westbury Trym & Tone?

    At Hussle you can buy a day gym pass or a Monthly+ Pass for Westbury Trym & Tone. Day passes can be bought individually or in bundles of 5 or 10 passes. When you buy a Hussle Monthly+ Pass for Westbury Trym & Tone you also get access to any other gym on Hussle which costs the same price of less, so you can work out close to home, work or whilst travelling around the UK. Not only do you get unlimited access to hundreds of other gyms with the Hussle Monthly+ pass you can stop and start your gym membership whenever you want.

  • How much does it cost to use Westbury Trym & Tone?

    A gym day pass for Westbury Trym & Tone is £7.00 when you purchase from Hussle. You can also purchase bundles of 5 or 10 day passes which decreases the cost of each visit. If you’re looking to go to the gym more often, a Hussle Monthly+ Pass costs £40.95 per month, which gives you access to Westbury Trym & Tone as well as to other gyms which have a Monthly+ Pass. Find all pass options on Hussle here.

  • Where is Westbury Trym & Tone Located?

    Westbury Trym & Tone is located at Carlton Court, 13, Canford Ln, BS9 3DF. Find all pass options on Hussle here

  • Can I buy a Hussle Monthly+ Pass for Westbury Trym & Tone?

    Yes. You can currently purchase a Hussle Monthly+ Pass for Westbury Trym & Tone. If you need access to multiple gyms in different locations around the UK, the Monthly+ pass for Westbury Trym & Tone could be the perfect gym membership for your needs. Check out which gyms are close to home and work and find out if the Hussle Monthly+ pass can help you make life work out.

  • What facilities does Westbury Trym & Tone offer?

    Westbury Trym & Tone offers a great range of facilities including Fitness studio, Resistance machines, Ladies only area, Group exercise, Functional Training. More information, images and prices can be found on Westbury Trym & Tone's profile on Hussle.

  • Does Westbury Trym & Tone have a Ladies only area?

    Yes Westbury Trym & Tone does have a Ladies only area and it also has Fitness studio, Resistance machines, Ladies only area, Group exercise, Functional Training. More information, images and prices can be found on Westbury Trym & Tone's profile on Hussle.