Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum

Kala Sangam, BD1 4TY
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Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum, Bradford, BD1 |


  • Group exercise

About this gym

Lishi involves moving and exercising your body in a variety of different ways that have proven, positive benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health. In other words, by practising Lishi you become physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

Some people come to Lishi because they want to learn Tai Chi, Yoga or Kung Fu, others want to get more flexible, fitter or stronger or simply have a healthier lifestyle. Others start because they want to feel more confident or want to join a group of interesting and friendly people who are fascinated by an alternative, Taoist approach to life.

In Lishi Tai Chi in Bradford, we practice an ancient Daoist-Chinese exercise system.Daoism is the art and science of cultivating Qi. Qi is the energy that flows through the universe and all living beings, – and that includes you! In Lishi Tai Chi in Bradford you learn how to use your Chi and practice an ancient art form that has existed for thousands of years.

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FAQs Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum

  • What type of gym pass can I buy from Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum?

    At Hussle you can buy a day gym pass for Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum. Day passes can be bought individually.

  • How much does it cost to use Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum?

    A gym day pass for Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum is £ when you purchase from Hussle. Find all pass options on Hussle here.

  • Where is Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum Located?

    Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum is located at Kala Sangam, St Peters House, 1 Forster SquareBradford, BD1 4TY. Find all pass options on Hussle here

  • What facilities does Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum offer?

    Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum offers a great range of facilities including Group exercise. More information, images and prices can be found on Lishi - Bradford Kala Sagnum's profile on Hussle.