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We’re all on different journeys. Inside and outside of the gym. What drives one person might not drive another.

Weight loss is an important journey for some people. A mission to become their best self, feel confident, and get back in control of their bodies. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

For those on that journey, they’ll know it’s not a linear one. And certainly not an easy one. Everyone’s experienced setbacks. Diets and plans that don’t suit our lifestyle. Changes we cannot sustain. Each trial and error getting a bit more frustrating. Each attempt being approached with a little less energy.

So, if your motivation is wavering and you’re lacking in the positivity and purposes need to drive your weight-loss journey forward then you’re in the right place. With 5 handy hacks to know for your weight-loss journey, Hussle’s here to help. And with an exclusive offer from our partnership with WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined), we’re not just all talk.


Factor in the weekend

If calories only counted in the week, we’d all have achieved our weight-loss goals a long time ago. A bit like chips off somebody else’s plate, we tend to ignore unhelpful behaviours at the weekend and then question where it all went wrong. If you feel like you’re in a cycle of regimented weeks and wild weekends, then you’re not alone.

It’s no breakthrough discovery that weekends can be by far the hardest time to stay on plan. The answer to this isn’t to shy away from social events and celebrations. That’s not sustainable and it’s certainly no way to live.

Factor in the weekends to your plan. Our bodies aren’t machines that burn the same amount of energy, have the same appetite, and consume the same amount of food each day. Our intake can and will fluctuate throughout the week. Weight change doesn’t happen across a number of days, it happens across a number of weeks.

If it helps, you can view your intake like a budget. It’s okay if you spend a little more one day, as long as you make it back another and come in at the end of the week within budget.

The SmartPoints® system at WW is a helpful tool to track this. With every food and drink having a SmartPoints value, you can spend your SmartPoints Budget however you like and roll over a proportion of your  points to when you want to enjoy them most.

Don’t cut out the foods you love

If our favourite foods were broccoli and spinach, weight loss would be a lot easier. But unless you’re extremely lucky, it’s probably not. Cupcakes, chocolate or pizza, everyone has their vice.

Cutting out your favourite foods won’t work for you in the long term. Restricting yourself in this way is not sustainable and will likely lead to over-indulgences of the food you’ve been craving in the long term.

Allowing yourself to eat your favourite foods without guilt will make your weight-loss journey a lot easier. Incorporating them into your plan means treating yourself isn’t a set-back. It’s an important part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle change that’s getting you towards your goal. The WW programme is flexible enough to give you room to enjoy your can’t-live-without foods.


Pay attention to the little things

There are lots of small changes you can make in your lifestyle that go a long way when it comes to weight-loss. Tweaks you might not ever have considered that together can push your progress forward.

Get your NEAT up. This stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It’s a science-y way of describing all the moving about you do during the day. Take the stairs. Walk more. Stand more. Get moving at lunch time. All these little things can make a big difference in the long run.

Cook carefully. Avoid using butter and oils when cooking. They add lots of calories to your meals in even the smallest of quantities. One tablespoon of oil to help grease up your pan sets you back 120 calories – or, in WW language, 4 SmartPoints. That’s 840 calories a week. It could equate to 1lb of fat per month if you’re using it daily. Swap oil for calorie-controlled spray. Use fresh or dried herbs and spices to get flavour into your meals.

These little things won’t make a huge change to your lifestyle. But, they can go a long way.


Enjoy your exercise

Adding regular exercise to your week helps you to double up on your weight-loss efforts. There are plenty of reasons to be more active, and whilst losing weight isn’t the only one, it’s definitely helps.

But lots of us struggle with the motivation to make it part of our lifestyle. After a long day of work, the sofa sounds a lot more appealing than getting sweaty. It doesn’t need to feel so difficult. If you dread the treadmill, then don’t use it. Going to the gym doesn’t have to be a chore. Find something that you enjoy. It’s not all cross-trainers and stair-masters. There are loads of activities you can get involved with that won’t even feel like exercise. And with WW, you even earn FitPoints for being active, and seeing them rack up can be really motivating. If you wear an activity tracker, you can even sync it with your WW app.

When you enjoy something, it’s much easier to make a habit out of it. Time to try a variety of exercises until you find your thing. Check out the different equipment in the gym. Even the scary looking ones. Attend different classes. Go boxing. Swimming. Zumba. Yoga. Make it social. Mix it up.


Make it personal

We’re all different. In every aspect of life. And that includes losing weight. What worked for your friend, colleague or relative won’t necessarily work for you.

Your weight-loss plan needs to reflect your age, weight, height, sex, activity level and most importantly your preferences. Any ‘one size fits all’ programme or approach can’t tailor itself to what your body needs.

The myWW® programme can help with this. After taking a personal assessment in the top-rated WW mobile app, you’ll be matched with a unique eating plan that suits you. Each plan has a balance of a SmartPoints Budget and ZeroPoint™ foods that you don’t have to weigh, measure or track. It’s a budgeting system where you get to pick how you spend your SmartPoints against the foods you enjoy, all whilst sticking to a plan that supports your weight loss. Find out more at



We know it’s not easy. Your weight-loss journey is extremely personal, but it doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. There’s plenty of technology out there that can help you achieve your goals. Hussle to make your fitness more flexible. A part of your lifestyle, not a pause in it. The myWW programme for the guidance and direction you need to start losing weight. A winning combination.

That’s why we’re giving Hussle customers a free month of the myWW programme to kick start weight loss motivation.

Click the banner below and enter your details to sign up for the free offer. On April 1st, you will be emailed your bespoke code where you can redeem the one month trial of the myWW programme.


Make weight loss work out. Make life work out.