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Is the gym a solution to anger problems?

Is the gym a solution to anger problems?

Think you’ve got anger issues? Using the gym could just help save your life.

Anger is an incredibly powerful emotion. Managing the unpredictable surges of energy can become a problem for many people. More worryingly, a recent US study shows that having a hot temper increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Angry outbursts are followed by a two hour ‘danger period’ when you’re 5 times more likely to suffer an attack.

So if you’re a hot head, what can you do to manage it?

1. Lower your overall baseline level of risk

This means exercise regularly, eat healthily, don’t smoke and find ways to cope with stress and anger. Several studies show that exercise, even a single bout of it, can reduce the build up of anger. A few regular minutes of meditation will promote a calmer, less reactive mind. Every little really does help.

2.Use exercise to vent anger

Exercise gives people the opportunity to channel their emotions constructively. Use the powerful energy in anger to go to the gym after a tough day, rather than tearing you up inside. Anger can also be a great motivating factor to workout. An angry body pumped full of adrenaline is energy which wants you to do something physical!

3.Use exercise to manage anger chemicals

Physical activity helps lower levels of the stress chemicals, as we reported here. Exercise can also boost levels of the ‘happy’ brain chemical serotonin. Many gym-users report feeling a ‘post-workout high’. Plus, the more muscle you have the more serotonin you produce.

4.Do anger-management workouts

Many people find moderate-intense aerobic workouts very therapeutic. Lifting weights, running and Bodypump are good examples. Stretching exercises such as yoga also promote deeper, slower breathing. It’s the perfect anti-anger recipe.

Don’t let anger beat you. Beat it out at the gym!