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The rowing machine is a humble piece of equipment that you can find in most gyms. Often overlooked, this one piece of equipment can give us an intense and versatile workout that offers a full body strength and conditioning session, whilst testing our cardiovascular fitness at the same time.

By mixing up the speed, the resistance, and the style of the row, we can create a diverse and varied workout that will make us want to return to the machine again and again. Plus, there’s the option to make it a part of a wider circuit which many HIIT classes tend to do.

So rather than walking past it on the way to the free weights, here are some rowing machine workouts that can be incorporated into our fitness routines.


British Rowing’s all encompassing 20 minute session

This workout from the experts at British Rowing has got everything you need for a full body session. A traditional rowing warm up, followed by TABATA style rows, and then a full body circuit that will have you hopping on and off the machine. It makes us tired just talking about it.



Dark Horse Rowing’s 10 minute Rowing Pyramid

Ten minutes is all you need for this intense rowing machine workout. The pyramid style session will see you work for gradually shortening amounts of time, before building right back up again.



Abundant You’s 20 minute HIIT row machine workout

Probably better to row along with this one. Across 20 intense minutes, you’ll vary your resistance and speed to test your endurance and burn some serious energy. The video also gives you form tips along the way, because every stroke counts.



Rowing machine workouts can be a big box ticker, helping you achieving a full body workout in just a short amount of time.