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Gyms are reopening. Once again, we’ll have more equipment than we know what to do with.

But for a while there, we were really getting into the home workouts. There are a lot of fitness lessons to learn from lockdown. One is that our at home HIIT workouts have a place in our fitness routine.

So, let’s take all those bodyweight basics and HIIT style sessions back with us to the gym. Making them more difficult and more inventive with some of that gym equipment that we’ve missed so much.

Here’s how to step up your home HIIT workouts in the gym.


Make use of the treadmill


There are loads of super trendy classes that boast an intense HIIT workout that busts 1000 calories in one session. Really, their secret is just to incorporate some sustained cardio into the workout through the use of a treadmill. You can do this yourself in your own routine.

In an interval style session, switch between your resistance training and the treadmill to get a session that delivers on variety, intensity, and effectiveness. A total body conditioning all in one go.

Four minutes of squats and lunges. Four minutes on the treadmill. Four minutes of push-ups and push presses. Four minutes on the treadmill. You get the picture. Play around with the exercises, your speed, your incline, and your timings for constant variety and a constant challenge.



Look into variations


It’s easy to find an exercise you like and keep it at the heart of your routine forever and ever. Eventually it becomes a bit boring. Your progress plateaus. And you just can’t face another standard squat.

Mix up your staple exercises with some variations you might not have tried before. By adding a second phase, you can unlock a new level of intensity and full body effectiveness from an exercise you were tiring of. Don’t just squat, squat and press. Don’t just burpee. Burpee with a bent over row.


Don’t neglect the simple bits of kit


When you walk out onto the gym floor, it’s common to make a beeline for the bits of kit you’re familiar with and stay there for the entire session. It’s easy to forget all the other things at your fingertips.

Use your renewed appreciation for the gym as motivation to try out something new. Something you’ve never considered before or something you didn’t know how to use. Forget looking silly. Google it, figure it out, or ask someone for help. If there’s a bulky bloke scoffing at you in the corner, let him.

The battle ropes are a great piece of kit to engage your whole body and get your heart rate going. Squat down, take each rope in each hand, and flick those ropes until you’re all out of energy. About 60 seconds should do it.

The plyo box is another underrated bit of kit that continues to deliver. Box jumps. Step downs. Bulgarian split squats. Incline push ups. You could centre your whole routine around it if you wanted to.



Circuit style using the gym floor


A good way to keep momentum in your routine is to do a circuit or station style workout. That means moving on to a new exercise in a new location to avoid mental fatigue and keep you feeling motivated.

This is a common training style in classes, but you can also do it yourself on the gym floor. Pick 5 exercises that you like, using different bits of kit, testing different types of fitness, and working different muscle groups. Spend time or reps on each. Then move on until you finish the circuit. 60 seconds on the rowing machine. 25 squat and presses. 25 deadlifts. 60 second plank jacks. 60 seconds on the battle ropes. Rest, recover, then do it all again.


Incorporate the bodyweight


When there wasn’t much of a choice, your at home workout routine will have relied quite heavily on your bodyweight. And whilst it’s difficult to create a whole routine from calisthenics alone, working out with no kit might have reminded you that there are some tricky fitness challenges that rely on only your bodyweight. Keep nailing them.

Push up challenges. Plank challenges. Wall sits. Pull ups. Burpees. All these exercises require adequate strength and muscle. Don’t neglect them now. Keep practicing your bodyweight workouts. Being able to lift and hold your own weight with the correct form comes first. Then you can add even more resistance on.


Add a finisher


If you’re up for a sweaty session, the last five minutes should be where you give it your all. Don’t end on an anti-climax.

Adding a finisher to the end of your workouts is a great way to complete it knowing you’ve given it as much as you could. Plus, it’ll give you one final boost of endorphins to set you up for the rest of the day.There are loads of different styles of finishers you can do. All it takes is a little bit of inventiveness. Aim high and tweak it if you need to.



Keep the variety going


We all know now that fitness needs to fit around us, not the other way around. Work out in your own way, but also in different ways.

If you picked up a running habit during lockdown, keep it going. If you discovered a love of Yoga, don’t stop now. If you did more HIIT style workouts than you did before, don’t forget about them. There are multiple components of physical fitness and testing them all is the way to achieving well-rounded and full body conditioning.

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