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Motivation is a big word. And staying motivated can be a long journey. We know it’s grounded in goal setting, defining purposes and tracking progress. As well as asking ourselves that life affirming question – why?

But sometimes, in the moment we’re torn between going hard or going home. Literally. It’s 5pm and we’ve brought our stuff with the intention to go to the gym after work, but Mark’s email has put us in a foul mood and we really just want to go home and pick up Nando’s on route. In these moments, we just need some quick self-motivating hacks to get us out the door and into the gym.

Ready? Let’s go.


Find your jam

It’s cheesy, but music is a powerful motivator. And everyone has their fight song. The one you’d walk into the ring to. The one that stirs something inside you. Whether it’s anger, energy or pure elation.

Find it. Put it on. Turn it up. And listen to every single second of it.


Plan your workout

Set your time stamp. Label each exercise you’re going to do and how long for. Write each section down in the notes section of your phone. Tick each portion off as you go. We all know how satisfying it is to tick something off your to do list.

Within that, set a tiny goal. It could be just one minute more or one rep more. It doesn’t matter. Just having the drive to achieve something helps motivate.


Give yourself something to look forward to when you’re done

After your workout. Plan and visualise the one thing you’re going to do that you’re really looking forward to. Post workout snack. Seeing a friend. Having a bath. Whatever it is that gets you going, give yourself a reward post session. It’ll both help you power through and set those positive associations you need to make it a habit going forward.


Bring a buddy

Whether it’s the healthy competition or the sense of encouragement, bringing a buddy on your workout can boost your motivation instantly. You’re in it together. Share workout tips. Spot each other. Alternate exercises with them. It also becomes a social occasion which helps both your mood and your morale. If fitness feels to hard alone, there’s a pretty quick fix for that.


Dress for it

OK, here’s a cheesy one, but it works. In that split moment when you’re deciding whether or not to peal yourself from the sofa and go to then gym, just get dressed. You haven’t made the decision yet, you’re just getting changed. Put on all your gym gear. After doing this, you will instantly feel more motivated to go. All the gear but no idea? It’s cool, everyone feels like that.


Switch it up

If you’re doing the same workout routine over and over again, your motivation will die out pretty fast. Switch it up. It’s fine to keep progressing in key compound exercises, but each workout try to introduce something new that you haven’t tried before. Whether it’s an overly ambitious exercise you’re not sure you can tackle or a piece of equipment you haven’t dared to go on. Just do it. Curiosity is a big precursor to motivation.


Remove your barriers

It’s all in your hands. Removing your barriers to fitness means that you’re more likely to get motivated and stay motivated. When it feels easy, it’s more enjoyable. Whether it’s time or location, taking steps to break down the barriers between you and your fitness journey is the key to progression. Hussle can help with that. With unlimited access to multiple gyms, pools and spas in thousands of locations around the UK, you can make fitting fitness in a lot easier.