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Deciding to embark on a fitter lifestyle is a fantastic feeling. You’re motivated and determined in mindset. You’re ready to put some serious effort in. But then when it comes to getting started, it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of guidance.

Whatever your starting point, The Sweat & Reset fitness program from Fiit in partnership with Women’s Health gives the structure you need to make positive changes that will last. And with a helping hand from Hussle, you can get 25% off your Fiit membership to help you get started.

 Wherever you are, access an online library of different fitness classes. Expect HIIT, strength and mobility workouts, giving you a well rounded and balanced regime that will help your body perform at its best.

 Using the Sweat & Reset training plan from Fiit with your Hussle membership means you can finally have both the direction and the flexibility to get fit. Stream the workout routines straight to your phone and use them at any gym of your choice, at any time. Join a supportive online community of others using the plan and track your progress with stats from your workouts. When it’s this easy to fit fitness in, everybody can get involved.

New year. Same Hussle.