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Muscle groups can be seen as dominant during pull motions or push motions. For example, your biceps, back, traps, and hamstrings are the primary muscles in a pull workout. In a push workout, you’ll target your shoulders, quads, chest, calves, and triceps. By splitting your workout this way, you can make sure you’re effectively working muscles equally and resting them at the right time.

A pull workout essentially focuses on the concentric part of motions that make the muscle contract as you pull towards the body. Simply put, your muscles are working when you pull and relaxing when you push away again.

But without a gym floor full of cables and free weights, the pull motion can be pretty difficult to replicate from home. Because what is there to pull?

So, here’s some inspiration with our favourite pull workouts that can be done at home:


Ryan Humiston’s no equipment back and biceps

Talking you through pull exercises that can be done from home whilst also giving tips on form and posture. We’re not sure what’s better. His beard or his biceps:



So Fitness Zone’s inventive pull workout

Get creative with some giant water bottles, a back pack, a spade, and some chairs. This pull workout helps you break down the barriers to back and bicep workouts from home.


Alison Smith’s Resistance Band Upper Pull

It relies on the good old resistance band, but this workout shows you just how much can be done with such a simple piece of equipment.



Greg Carver’s pull up alternatives

If you’re missing the pull up and row bar like you never thought you would, Greg has some great alternatives you can do at home if you’re feeling inventive.



Gina’s home or gym pull workout

You’ll need a resistance band and a pull up bar for this one, but if you can get your hands on these things then this is definitely worth your effort.