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Is time going quickly or slowly? We’re not sure.

Either way, we’re ready for another round up of our favourite home workouts of the week. Featuring full bodies, upper bodies, high intensity, resistance bands, and more. This round up has something for everyone.



James Middleton’s Band Workout

With 9 different exercises to try, you’re bound to feel the burn after this one. James’ workout targets multiple muscle groups in the upper body and core. All you need is a trusty resistance band. The cute dog is preferable but not a requirement.

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BAND WORKOUT 🔥 The perfect workout if you’ve got a resistance band at home (if not order some they’re so useful!). SAVE IT and TAG your friends to get a sweat on in the sun ☀️💦 N.B. easier to do with dog inside 🤦🏻‍♂️😅 ——————— The WORKOUT: 1. Banded Seated Row 2. Banded Supermans 3. Banded Bicep Curl 4. Banded Upright Row 5. Banded Shoulder Press 6. Banded Single Arm Lateral Raise 7. Banded Single Arm Front Raise 8. Band Pull Aparts 9. Banded Overhead Single Arm Tricep Extension 4 Rounds • 15 reps each exercise • 1 min rest between rounds 💥 ———————— TAG your friends and go get it 💪🏼 🎵 Kings of Tomorrow – Fall For You #thejmmovement

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Alice Liveing’s body weight workout

Alice’s body weight workout is simple but effective. Perfect for those with no equipment at home but who are looking for a full body blast that will get them going for the day.



Bradley Simmonds’ no weight upper body workout

Showing us that dumbbells aren’t a necessity to get a good upper body strength session in. Ok, so it might assume that you have bar stools in your house. But a table surface or counter tops could also work.



Emilymouufit’s bodyweight HIIT

This circuit can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. A perfect way to get your heart rate up and build some strength at the same time. Emily suggests a drop set style approach where the exercises are done for 60 seconds in the first round, then 45 seconds, then 30 seconds.



Aimsgains’ dog workout

This one requires some very cuddly equipment. Not to be taken seriously. Just a lighthearted laugh to finish us off.