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This Tuesday was 50 days since we’ve been in lockdown. And look how far we’ve come. We’re all sporting ridiculously long hair, know the inside of our living room like the back of our hands, can list all the programs on Netflix in alphabetical order, and can probably make banana bread without looking at a recipe.

But each day in lockdown is like another rep you can do in your workout routine. It’s a marker of progression.

We think this calls for celebration. Another roundup of workouts you can do from home. Get those endorphins going.


James Middleton’s Back Attack

Four exercises, all targeting the muscles in your back to help you achieve an effective workout and keep up your strength and endurance in that area. James says these exercises are much harder than they look, and he is not wrong.



Annie’s Full Body Blast

In just 20 minutes, this workout will have all your major muscles groups engaged and aching. Just what you need to release some steam on your lunch break.



Amy’s Park Workout

Guess what? We’re allowed to work out in the park now. So, use what mother nature gave us for this inventive full body workout. Make sure to keep that 2m distance from people at all times.



Sophia’s Deep Squat Mobility Challenge

Not so much of a home workout, but a killer challenge that you need to get involved with. With all the squats we’re doing, it’s important to work on our range of motion. Try this challenge to see how low and controlled you can go.



Redefining Strength’s Advanced Core Workout

These core exercises will help you take your core strength to the next level. Can be done as part of a workout or in a circuit on their own. If you’re brave.