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We’re not sure how, but somehow, it’s May.

And although things are still odd, there’s lots to look forward to. The sunshine. The warmth. The gradual process of getting back to (‘a new’) normal. And of course, another round up of our favourite home workouts from the week.

So, get your muscles working. Your heart rate going. Your blood flowing. And see that mood improve instantly.

Have a very happy Hussle.


Richard’s Chest and Abs Workout


Using only a towel and his body weight, Richard’s chest and core workout will help you stay strong. A floor you can slide on is also required. Pulling up the carpet never felt so tempting, hey?



Jenny’s Glute Workout


Grab a band and feel the burn. Aim for 4 rounds. 60 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. 7 exercises all designed to work the glutes. Peachy.



Jack’s 5 Minute Mobility


Just because we’re not lifting heavy, doesn’t mean mobility isn’t important. This movement focused workout is a great one for preparing for a full body session and for looking after those joints.


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5 minute mobility routine. . Hit 5-10 reps in each position. . A lot of these moves are combos to get even more bang for your buck. . Your body should feel awesome after this 👍 . 1️⃣ Hip Flexor & Shoulder Circles. . 📝 1/2 kneeling position. Tailbone tucked and glute squeezed. Perform a big shoulder circle. Reach up. Turn palm out. Reach back. Find your hip with palm now facing away. Reverse motion. . 2️⃣ Lunge & T-Spine Rotation. . 📝 Plank position. Foot outside hand. Try to flatten low back. Reach up to sky. Follow hand with eyes. Return and repeat. . 3️⃣ 90/90 & Hip Opener. . 📝 90/90 base position. Reach forward to get a dynamic stretch. Keep back flat. Then swivel heel and open up trail leg to ‘open’ the hips. Return. Repeat. . 4️⃣ Shoulder Rotations. . 📝 Elbows in line with shoulders. Make fists. Wrists straight. Rotate biceps up as much as you can and then down as much as you can while keeping shoulder blade glued to your ribs (don’t hike up). This is pure external / internal rotation. . 5️⃣ Table Top Bridge. . 📝 Push feet into ground, lift and tuck hips. Keep arms straight to open up the chest. . I hope you enjoy this sequence 🙏 . What’s your favorite move!? 1️⃣,2️⃣,3️⃣,4️⃣,5️⃣? ______ Jack Hanrahan Fitness “Smarter Training, Superior Results” ______ #selfcare #selfcaresunday #trainsmart #movebetter #mobility #mobilitytraining #liftersneedmobility #healthyjoints #longevity #functionaltraining #strengthcoach #fitnesscoach #movementprep #everydamnday #selfcare #mobilityflow #stretching #hipmobility #feelbetter #tightmuscles #lowbackpain #shouldermobility

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King’s Sport’s Full Body TABATA


Some days call for a sweaty session. Get your heart rate going with this TABATA style full body workout. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Repeat the circuit 5 times.


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WHOLE BODY TABATA Complete all exercises before having a 60 seconds break & repeating this cycle another 5 times. 
Each exercise we will be working for 20 seconds then having 10 seconds rest before moving to the next exercise. – – 1️⃣Burpee with forward & back jump.
2️⃣Burpee with forward & back jump Regression: step forward and step back. – 3️⃣ Press up jack. Regression: drop the knees for the press up. – 4️⃣ Single plyometric lunge start on your left side.
Repeat on your right side. 
5️⃣ Single plyometric lunge Regression: Step back into a lunge. – 6️⃣V hold sit. 
Regression: bend your knees and sit more upright. – 7️⃣Jumping deadlift. 
8️⃣Jumping deadlift Regression: remove the jump. – 9️⃣Flutter kicks with back extension. 
Regression: remove the flutter kicks. – 🔟 Knee to elbow plank. 
Regression: one knee down.  #kingspride

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Alice’s Chair Workout


Everyone’s favourite piece of home gym equipment. The humble chair. Who knew we’d rely on it so much? This workout centers around using a chair to support a full body strength session.