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If you’re used to being in the gym, getting into the home workouts might be a bit of a challenge. And whilst there’s loads of useful content about the different exercises you can do from home, there are certain muscle groups that are much harder than others to target without machinery or heavy weights.

One of the biggest victims of this problem is the back. Without the T bar, landmine, pull up bar, or the seated row, our back can feel a little bit neglected at the end of our workouts.

So, if your struggling to feel the burn in your back, we’ve collated our favourite focused workouts to get you back on track. Pun intended.



Matty C Fox’s back workout

A handy home workout if you’ve not got a pull up bar. Matty shows us 4 different exercises that can be done on your kitchen floor. Aim for 12-15 reps and 5 sets of each and then wonder how he keeps his floor so clean.




Ryan Humiston’s back and biceps

Focusing on slow and controlled movements, Ryan shows us how callisthenics can be a powerful tool for gaining muscular strength and endurance. Our favourite quote of the video? When he grabs his ‘handy dandy hand towel.’





Richard Duchon gets creative

Using at home alternatives including a table, a towel, and a sofa, this back workout is easily done from your living room. You’ll spend a lot of time on the floor though so we hope you’ve got carpet.





Redefining Strength’s YouTube video

If nothing has inspired you just yet, this video shows us 17 different back exercises that can be done without gym equipment. You’re bound to find a few you like in here.