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We’re all feeling like our strength needs some attention at the moment. It’s not been the same without the gym. So, when crafting home workouts for upper body strength, we want to make them as effective as possible.

Not just effective, but efficient. If we’re going to put the effort in, we want it to have the maximum effect. No wasting time. No neglecting muscle groups.

Supersets are a helpful exercise structure to make sure we’re working hard. By pairing exercises and doing them back to back, we’re reducing recovery time and making our muscle work more in less time.

There’s a couple of approaches you can take. Agonist supersets are when the two exercises target the same muscle group. Overloading muscle groups by working them back to back. Antagonist supersets are when the two exercises target opposite muscle groups. Allowing you to work each equally and effectively to avoid any imbalances.

Whatever way you take them, supersets are hard work. They can give us an intense upper body session to help us miss the gym that little bit less. Here are a few to try out.


Chest & Back Antagonist Superset


There’s an exercise to target muscles in the chest and the back within each pair. Work opposing muscle groups back to back and give yourself and an efficient and balanced workout in no time. Aim for 15-20 reps of each with 60 seconds rest in between pairs and minimal rest within one pair. Repeat the full workout twice.


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Advanced Upper Body Superset


An all-round upper body session for those looking to step it up and test strength and endurance. Mix it up and do each pair twice before moving onto the next. Try 10 reps on the first go, 20 on the second. Avoid taking rest within the pair and take 60 seconds or more between them.


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What’s a pike push up?


Upper Body & Core Superset


This isn’t just one for the chest, arms, and shoulders. It’s a serious test of the core too. Each pair targets an upper body muscle group and the core specifically. Ten exercises in total means you might find one round enough. Remember, rest between pairs and not within them.


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Agonist Shoulder Supersets


With the focus is all on the shoulders, this superset workout will have them burning from the very start. Three pairs are enough. If you’re feeling brave, aim for two rounds. Rest between pairs and not within them. Aim for 10 reps of each A exercise and 15 of each B exercise.


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What’s a planche lean?


Use these supersets to maintain that strength. Save the images. Get them up on your next upper body day. Then, you know what to do. You Hussle.